Coronavirus: Las Vegas artists honor healthcare workers in powerful painting

Las Vegas Artists Honor Healthcare Workers In Powerful Painting - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of A.D. Cook and Beti kristof via PR Distrbution

Two Las Vegas-based artists pay tribute to the healthcare heroes who’re literally cradling the world on their arms in this time of crisis.

The art that they’ve named ‘HOLD THE LINE,’ represents the nurses, doctors, and caregivers fighting tirelessly on the frontline with the virus on America’s behalf.

In the art, a powerful figurine grips the American Medial Association sword with gloved hands and wears a mask, and an eye-shield with a fierce expression on her face.

Throughout the world, healthcare workers have taken the front-line in battling the Pandemic. Las Vegan-based artists A.D. Cook and Beti Kristof say their art is “all about honoring the collective warrior essence of those who go above and beyond for others.”

The US has the most coronavirus infections in the world, with death tolls nearly touching 100,000. On Sunday’s New York Times print edition, the front page was fully dedicated to the names of the victims who lost their lives in the outbreak, as Ameria nearly touches the grim milestone of mortality.

Powerful art pays tribute to healthcare heroes working tirelessly to battle the Pandemic (Image courtesy of A.D. Cook and Beti Kristof via PR Distribution)

“This larger-than-life painting, HOLD THE LINE, represents America’s resolve during this global crisis at a time when nations and people must come together for a higher purpose,” the artists write in a Press release.

In a personal recount, one of the artists- Beti Kristof talks about how in March one of her and A.D. Cook’s friends was infected by the disease and it happened at a time when cases were starting to escalate in the United States.

When Kristof and Cook went to visit their friend, a doctor stopped them and advised them to “stay away from the hospital under these new circumstances.” They realized something was wrong by then. Soon the Pandemic took its share in the US and New York became the epicenter of North America, Kristof writes on her website.

The Lady with the Sword

Hinting about the inspiration of the powerful lady in the center of the painting, co-painter Kristof says, after being quarantined for some time, she started to remember nurses she had known through the years.


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She says especially a particular local ER doctor’s ‘beautiful self, ‘tenacious spirit,’ and ‘kind demeanor’ came to her mind when she envisioned this art in her consciousness.  “I held my interpretation of what she meant to me in the forefront of my thoughts while painting,” she says.

“This painting is not about one person, an eye color, or one gender, or another, what it is about; the emotion this painting evokes in the viewer. Think about what you feel,” she adds.

Both Kristof and Cook are colleagues who’ve reportedly worked on different projects like body painting on cancer patients,  murals, wrote a screenplay, collaborate on a newspaper, and even wrote a book.

The Artists

Kristof is an ‘International Muse Awards’ for Fine Art recipient. Her Alma mater includes Art Center College of Design, Hawaii, and Florence and Studio Art Centers International (SACI), Italy.

Cook, who is an avid motorcycle enthusiast is internationally recognized for his works, including the ones featured in ArtExpo in New York City. His current series of art symbolizes ‘pride’ and ‘patriotism’ through ‘larger than life depiction of American motorcycles.

(Cover image courtesy of A.D. Cook and Beti Kristof via PR Distribution)