PopGrip Lips x Burt’s Bees: extremely caring smartphone accessory launched in the US

Popgrip Lips X Burt’s Bees: Extremely Caring Smartphone Accessory Launched In The Us - We The World Magazine
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Tired of selfying with chapped lips? Not anymore. Because PopShockets has just partnered with global personal care brand Brut’s Bees — famous for their lip balms — to bring a pop-holder with lip balm in it. Excited? Amazed?

PopShockets is known for bringing the expandable mobile holders in the world, and they are taking their own game further by partnering with sustainable personal care brand Brut’s Bees to bring PopGrip Lips x Burt’s Bees. What is it? The strong point of the two companies, in one.

PopSockets.com via press release

The eponymous accessory, alongside delivering the usual comfort of a PopGrip, will go an extra way to care for your lips; all thanks to the Brut’s Bee lip balm attached in the holder. Other features like texting with one hand, prop for media viewing, and comfortably take selfies will be there as usual.

Image via burtsbees.com

“For years, the brand has been known for its innovations in the natural personal care space and has become a household name. The collaboration marries tech and lip care in a way that has created a new category of products for fans of both brands,” Melanie Love, VP Brand Marketing of PopShocket told in an official statement. “We are thrilled to be partnering with an iconic brand like Burt’s Bees.”

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The featured Burt’s Bees iconic Original Beeswax Lip Balm is made of all-natural ingredients and the added vitamin E provides significant nourishment to dry and chapped lip naturally. Sans parabens, petroleum products, and Phthalates, the lip balm contains a hint of peppermint oil that, according to the company, gives “one-of-a-kind tingle.” None of the company’s products are tested on animals and the beeswax is responsibly sourced.

Image via burtsbees.com

Burt’s Bees lip balm has a global reputation and is said to sell one, every second, around the world. With this move, they believe two essentials that are phone and lip balm will be even easier to carry, thanks to PopGrip Lips x Burt’s Bees.

Now, where can I get PopGrip Lips x Burt’s Bees?

The innovative product has been launched today and is available at popshocket.com and brutsbees.com. Orders will ship on or before 5th June when purchased online. The product will be available at Target stores across the US. Each holder will come with two pans of Brut’s Bees lip balm, there will be five unique patterns to choose from and each will retail for $20. Wondering what will happen if the lip balm is over? PopShocket is selling a set of two lip balm refill pans for $10 as well.

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