Poll predicts terrifying 12.8m Halloween pumpkins destined to waste in the UK

Poll predicts terrifying 12.8m Halloween pumpkins destined to trash in the UK -We The World
Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

There are children, families, and people who dream of having a filling meal twice a day, and then there are predictions which says a staggering 12.8 million, edible pumpkins will end up in the trash.

A recent survey was undertaken by the environmental charity Hubbub — involved 3000 UK homes — to get a picture of the destiny of the estimated 24 million pumpkins that will bough for carving in Halloween.

Turned out, of the estimated 24 million pumpkins, over half of them (12.8 million) will be carved by Britons but not used. This is only for the UK alone.

The unprecedented amount of gourds will end up in the trash, which if made into pumpkin soup could feed a bowl to every single UK citizen out there, according to Hubbub.

If this analogy of the magnitude of food waste is not enough to grasp, there here goes another — if all the 12.8 million waste pumpkins were to be laid one after the other, it would stretch 2,816 kilometers.

“Pumpkins are a valuable source of food and are not just for decoration,” Tessa Tricks, the head of food programs at Hubbub said.

“Even if it’s labelled a carving pumpkin, you can still eat it and it will taste delicious with spices like chilli, ginger or cumin.”

“We know that over lockdown many people developed a love of cooking from scratch and are valuing food more, so we’re urging people to make the most of every part of this nutritious and versatile food. Every pumpkin eaten is a step towards tackling the 6.6m tonnes of food and drink thrown away from UK homes every year.”

As per the charity, 1 in 7 people (an improvement from the earlier metric that said 3 in 5) of Britons doesn’t know that the pumpkin they carve is very much edible and can be made into delicious soups, stirfries, and fillings.

They’re calling for the public to help tackle the enormous food waste that is pending, as Halloween looms nearby. In a time like this, food waste would be nothing short of an ultimate horror show.

While the number of potential pumpkin waste is already too much to process, it remains unknown what the scene will be in the US where an estimated 172 million Americans celebrate Halloween with the mandatory pumpkin carving.

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