PMs meeting with CM: compulsory quarantining, strict social distancing, gradual public activity, domestic tourism discussed

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Prime minister Narendra Modi today sat on a virtual roundtable conference with the MPs of the states and Union Territories. The leaders discussed the way ahead for India in fighting Covid-19.

The Prime Minister stated that just like situations after the World Wars, the world will be pre-corona and post-corona from now on. And unless a vaccine is found, even after lockdown and travel restrictions are withdrawn, social distancing will prevent the risks of infection.

PMs meeting with CMs today highlighted India’s way ahead

Stressing about the extent of the spread of the virus in India, PM chalked out two major challenges for the future: one is to reduce transmission of the virus and the others to gradually relax the public activity while practicing strict regulations. The PM stressed that “we will have to work towards achieving both these objectives.”


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The Chief Ministers of the state pointed out the need for ‘strict implementation of the social distancing guidelines’  as migrant workers return back to states. Measure like the use of masks and exerting sanitation practices were discussed to prevent the spread of new infections especially in rural areas. Strict quarantining for stranded Indians returning from abroad was also highlighted.

“I request you all to share with me by 15th May, a broad strategy on how you each one of you would want to deal with the lockdown regime in your particular states. I want states to make a blue print on how to deal with various nuances during and after the gradual easing of the lockdown”, the Prime Minister told.

Speaking about tourism, Mr. Modi says he believes domestic tourism will take flight after the lockdown will be gradually relaxed. About resuming railways, he stated initially limited trains will ply.

The Prime Minister is set to address the Nation at 8 PM this evening. As of now, India has 70,000 confirmed cases with 2,293 deaths, according to Google data.