PM Modi’s message to China: India wants peace but capable of befitting response if provoked

PM Modi's message to China: India wants peace but capable of befitting response if provoked

Addressing the recent India-China faceoff in Galwan valley, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi assured Indians that the lives of the soldiers who have fought and died in the recent India-China brawl will not go in vain.

India wants peace, but is as capable of giving a befitting response if instigated under every circumstance, Prime Minister Modi says in a virtual conference with the CMs of 15 states and the Union territories, ANI reports.

Surprisingly, it turns out Indian forces were unfairly outnumbered by the Chinese forces in the face-off that took place on Tuesday. A senior Indian Army official told the BBC that Chinese troops were like a “death squad.” They outnumbered India’s 55 soldiers with their 300. He stated:

“They hit our boys on the head with metal batons wrapped in barbed wire. Our boys fought with bare hands,” the officer told in the condition of anonymity.”

-Indian Army official via the BBC

Since the two nuclear-armed countries got involved in a violent scuffle in what is called a Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Ladakh, the nation has been questioning the Prime Minister about India’s response to the slaughtering of at least 20 soldiers including one official by the Chinese army.

On Tuesday morning, Indian soldiers got engaged in a physical scuffle with Chinese soldiers that lead to casualties from both sides.

Initially, it was known three Indian soldiers have died in the faceoff. Which was later corrected to a total of 20. China’s casualty on the other hand remains undisclosed. However, US intelligence suggests the Chinese come to the path that has sustained nearly 43 deaths in their People’s Liberation Army.

UPDATE: 22 Indian soldiers killed in LAC; World War 3 trends on Twitter
PM Modi’s message to China: India wants peace but capable of befitting response if provoked (Image via Twitter)

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told India to severely punish the frontline army who was ‘responsible for the conflict,’ Reuters reports. In response to the comment, Indian Foreign Minister Dr. S. Jayshankar said: “What happened in Galwan was premeditated and planned action by China which was responsible for the sequence of events.”

“We have prayed for the welfare of humanity. We have always worked with neighboring countries in a friendly way and with cooperation. We have always tried that our differences should not turn into disputes. We never provoke anyone. But we can never compromise on the country’s integrity and sovereignty. We have always displayed the power in protecting the country’s integrity and sovereignty,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi tells in the sixth interaction with Chief Ministers for discussing post unlock 1.0 plans and pandemic, ANI reports.

Chief Ministers of the 15 States and Union Territories, along with Union Minister Amit Shah, with the Prime Minister, observed at 2-minutes silence for the soldiers who lost their lives in a border dispute.

(Cover image courtesy of ANI via @rohitgspeaks from Twitter)