Major typhoon in Philippines puts hundreds of thousands at double risk from storm & virus

Major Typhoon In Philippines Puts Hundreds Of Thousands At Double Risk From Storm And Virus - We The World Magazine
Photo by Josep Castells on Unsplash

Tens of thousands of people had to undergo a risky evacuation after typhoon Vongfom hit the central archipelago nation with heavy gushes of winds and flooding showers. This incident takes place at a time while the Philippines is already battling the virus.

The Vongfom typhoon raged at a velocity of 120 miles per hour, bringing with itself strong gushes of rain that posed a further threat for landslide and flood the national weather agency has warned.

Typhoon Philippines 2020 pose twin risk of virus and storm
Typhoon Vongfong Philippines 2020 puts hundreds of thousands at twin risk of virus and storm (Photo by NASA on Unsplash)

The central Philipines region where 200,000 people live, falls in the storm’s trajectory.  Another set of millions of people lie vulnerable as the typhoon is supposed to cross the nation’s populous capital Manila, Agence France Presse reports.

12,091 people are so far infected in the Philippines – one of the highest in SE Asia – 2,460 recovered and 806 deaths reported. Global cases have touched 4.4 million.



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The virus and Typhon have posed twin threat to the Philippines where evacuation centres in the central Philippines are not accepting evacuees in full capacity while the accepted ones are having to wear facemasks.

Gov. Ben Evardone of Eastern Samar province, where the typhoon hit, told The Associated Press that people who lost their homes to the storm were weeping out of desperation. One man has been reported to have died of bleeding from shreds of glass that broke onto him while he attempted to enter a school building for shelter.

The overwhelming demand for accommodation of the feeling people has led the disaster management team to approach forty-seven big Churches in the region to accept evacuees, the agency reports.

Typhoons are an unfortunate part of their lives, with as much as 20 stores of the kind hitting the land and its people. Now, at a time of global crisis, the situation escalates into more serious challenges.