Too many names of India; Man files a petition to Supreme court for one

Too Many Names Of India; Man Files A Petition To Supreme Court For One - We The World Magazine
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A man has filed a petition to the supreme court urging the nation’s apex jurisdiction body to ensure India is known by one synonym only.

The man notes currently there is more than one official name for India that is seen on different documents, ANI reports.

For instance, driving license states India as ‘Union of India’ and the Aadhar card calls India as ‘Bharat Sarkar.’ While on passports it is written ‘The Republic of India.’

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The petitioner, Namah, told ANI that he filed the case to the supreme court in February this year, and is scheduled for hearing tomorrow, which is June 2.

India is often called by multiple names outside official documents like Bharat, Hindustan, Ganarajya, among others.

But Twitter was quick to point out that there are far more important things to care for, in the middle of a Pandemic. Also joining the conversation was infamous journalist Arnab Goswami. He opined: “India Bharat Hindustan. There should be one official name, which is “Bharat” on every single government document.”

The Indian Eponym

The oldest known records of India suggests it was called Meluhha or Mekhkha, traced from the great Indus Valley Civilization. The same name has been found mentioned in Sumerian and Akkadian texts as well. But these names are from time, perhaps India did not look like it is today. We’re referring to geography as well.

A lot of development goes into fruition and widespread use of each eponym of India. At one time the call ‘Bharat’ came into widespread use, at the other ‘India’ was preferred.

Speaking about the name India, it was originally derived from the name of river Sindhu (or Indus). When it comes to India’s official names, Article 1 of The Constitution of India states:

“India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States”

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