People’s views on China are at ‘historic negative’ in many nations: polls

People's views on China are at 'historic negative' in many nations: polls - We The World
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Many of the world’s advanced nations’ views on China are at an all-time negative since the polling was first started more than a decade ago, a new Pew Research Center survey has found.

Views of China in the 14-surveyed advanced economies have grown historic negative over the past few years, with the majority of the countries surveyed reporting largely unfavorable opinions on China.

The polls reflect the stance on the world’s second-biggest economy when China’s relations with its neighbors are fraught with aggressive diplomatic approach of the communist regime.

Countries surveyed as a part of the research like the US, South Korea, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Japan, Italy, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden responded with negative views at points highest in the last decade when the poll was started.

People's views on China are at 'historic negative' in many nations: polls - We The World
Image courtesy of Pew Research Center

People who have the worst perception of China hail from Australia, where 81% of respondents see the country unfavorably, up 24 percent since last year.

Australia’s penchant to investigate the origin of the virus in China spawned a heated trade tariff war between the two nations, which must have shown up in poll results, more so in this year.

The second nation was the United Kingdom with were nearly three-quarters of the respondents viewed China negatively, which is 19 percent more than the last year’s record.

And in the US, since President Donald Trump took office, unfavorable views on China increased by 20 percent, which is a 13 point rise as compared to the last year.

What is driving most of the bad reviews?

While the recent diplomatic drama of China and its neighbors, including a bitter relationship with India, has gained a lot of international attention, it is the outbreak of the pandemic that is paining China in the red of negative.

Almost 61 percent of the median respondents from 14 countries surveyed feel China has botched the response to the pandemic that has so far killed over 1.5 million people globally and infected tens of millions.

Image courtesy of Pew Research Center

However, people’s negative perception of China’s handling of the pandemic is dwarfed by the US citizen’s take on America’s response to the pandemic, where 84% say the response was faltered.

The telephonic survey involved 14,276 adults from 14 countries and was conducted from June 10 to August 3. The negative review came from people irrespective of their educational background and income level, the researchers noted.

A good number of respondents have reported their lack of faith in the Chinese president Xi Jinping in the wake of the pandemic. A median of 78% of the respondents reported a lack of faith in the president when it comes to global affairs.

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But even as the Chinese President is not on the good books of the majority, he still fares well when it comes to the US President Trump. For instance, 78% of German respondents reported having no faith in Xi, as compared to 89% for Trump.

Trump’s image as a Head is State is significantly worst when compared to other global leaders in the poll including the French president Emmanuel Macron, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and German Chancellor Angela Markle.

In countries like Spain, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, the U.S., the UK, South Korea, Sweden, and Australia, the negative perception of China reached a historic high in 12 or more years since Pew Research started polling.

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