Parle-G attains record-breaking sales in 82-years, thanks to the lockdown.

Parle-g Attains Record-breaking Sales In 82-years Thanks To The Lockdown - We The World Magazine
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By far India’s most well-known biscuit, Parle-G, which has humbly been around for over eight decades, has recently touched a not-so-humble feat: it broke its own 82-years old record, selling the most biscuits in the months of March, April, and May- which was lockdown in India.

According to reports, the biscuit packets that are available for as cheap as Rs.5, became the Holy Grail of the millions of migrant workers who had to cross thousands of miles across the nation to reach home after India declared lockdown. During the lockdown, sales of fairly-priced biscuits skyrocketed in the country as people hoarded packets in numbers as panty stock.

Parle Products, the maker of the nostalgic biscuit told March, April and May have been their best selling months ever, since incorporation in 1938. Speaking to The Economic Times, segment head at Parle Products, Mayank Shah told that the lockdown months have skyrocketed their sales volume up to 5%, eighty-to-ninety percent of which is derived from the sales of Parle G. Shah told the outlet, that during the lockdown, to some, this biscuit has been a comfort food, while for others the only available option.

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FMGG analysts reportedly say robust production and distribution at retails during lockdown has also enabled the brand to achieve such record-breaking sales. Furthermore, they noted, over the past two years, market players at large have ramped up their distributions in remote areas like villages, which has added to the favor.

“During the lockdown, Parle-G became the comfort food for many; and for several others it was the only food they had on them. This is a common man’s biscuit; people who cannot afford bread – buy Parle-G,” Shah was quoted as saying by multiple outlets.

“We had several state governments requisitioning us for biscuits… they were in constant touch with us, asking about our stock positions. Several NGOs bought humongous quantities from us. We were lucky to have restarted production from March 25 onwards,” he added.

Touch the moon

Parle G is currently manufactured in 130 factories across the country. They say, if you tack one month produce of Parle G it would touch the moon from earth. That said, in normal times, the brand makes 400-million biscuits a day; more biscuits than the population of the United States.

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There is hardly any Indian who does not know about Parle G. The glucose-rich biscuit is a commoner’s go-to snack with tea. Generations of Indians have been enjoying the same taste, crisp, and sweetness of the Parle product. It is widely available in street-side counters across the nation, virtually at every retail. People even get nostalgic while naming the biscuit. The best part, it has remained affordable, retailing at Rs. 5/ packet.

Parle Products has reportedly declined to comment on the numbers that made them document the best sales in their 82-years old history. Shah says in terms of value, Parle G might have not fetched them extraordinary profits, given the low price per kg of the biscuit. Nonetheless, he affirms the record sales have bolstered their brand recognition.

What India have to say about Parle G?

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(Image courtesy of @preranaRULES via Twitter)