Paris riot 2020: “I can’t breath’ riot breaks out in Paris with 20k on-street

Paris Riot 2020 - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of @LunionSuite via Twitter

Paris riot 2020: Joining the George Floyd riots currently raging in the US, an estimated 20,000 people in Paris came on the streets to join the fight against racial injustice. Parisians are protesting for the 2016-killing of a French black man in police custody.

According to media reports and social media footage, the riot, despite a ban on the gathering of more than 10, soon escalated into violent arson when some aggressive protestors started to burn bonfire in the middle of streets outside the Tribunal de Paris courthouse. Police had to fire rubber bullets and tear gas to control the mob and disperse the crowd as coronavirus crisis still looms around.

A clash broke out between protestors and police. Some protesters reacted by throwing projectiles at the cops, Agency France Presse journalists witnessed. Interior Minister of Paris, Christophe Castaner tweeted, commenting on the incident: “Nothing justifies the behaviour that took place in Paris this evening when protests on public streets are banned to protect everyone’s health.”

The Paris protest joins with the US movement for the people of color being killed by the police. In 2016, 24-year-old black man Adama Traore was killed by suffocating from the combined weight of three police officers in the French capital. But two medical reports later showed two different causes of death stirring protests. Much like the case of George Floyd’s in the US.

Traore’s last words were ‘I can’t breathe’ and so was David Dungay’s – another 26-years old aboriginal man who died in Sydney prison after being restrained by five guards, according to reports.

The George Floyd clarion call has become global. Protests have erupted rapidly across the globe. People in Sydney recently held a peaceful protest on the same cause. Some Parisian protestors chanted ‘I can’t breathe, in English.

George Floyd was killed by a white police officer after he was arrested on allegations of forgery and was pinned down by knee on the neck for over nine minutes. Since then, riots and violent anarchy broke out across the US and now throughout the world.

Restaurants and cafes in Paris have been recently allowed to open after three-month-long hiatus. The famed Cafe-culture of the City Of Lights is serving again, but with restrictions. The French capital was the hotbed of coronavirus with 151k confirmed cases and more than 28k deaths.

(Cover image courtesy of @LunionSuite via Twitter)