Parents turn boy in jail after finding apology text for the victim he raped


They say the arm of the law is long. After over two months of nearly escaping justice, a teenage boy from Wales was tuned into jail by his parents after they discovered their son has forced himself on a girl.

Eighteen years old Jack restaurant worker Jack Evans completed his sex-crime two months before the incident came to light. Two months later when he texted the victim to say sorry, his parents found his actual deed. The girl did not complain at all, Daily Mail reports.

Evan’s appalled father and stepmother, both 47, immediately marched him to the police station and asked him to confess his crime in front of the officer. Jack did as said.

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Later, the police tracked the victim, who turned out to be a virgin girl and Jack Evans was charged for rape. ‘I wanted him to tell the truth, he had to do the right thing and admit his guilt,’ father Jonathan Evans told the Daily Mail outside the police station.

The incident happened in January last year and it comes as the victim even urged Evans to stop but he continued with the attack. The girl said she felt worthless and has lost trust in men. Two months later Evan’s parents discovered the crime and turned him in jail.

The guy is currently serving his term in Parc Young Offenders’ Institution in Bridgend.