Pandemic: With 83k+ new cases in a day, US sets new daily COVID-19 record

Pandemic: With 83k+ new cases in a day, US sets new daily COVID-19 record - We The World
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COVID-19 pandemic: The US recorded 83,010 new COVID-19 cases in a single day, setting the record for the most number of cases reported in a day ever since the pandemic began, The COVID Tracking Project says.

The new milestone comes at a crucial juncture as the nation grapples to maintain the new waves of infections hitting some of its states, and the winter threatening for a double whammy.

Midwestern US states like Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming are amid a sharp rise in the number of cases. Ohio is also amid a historic high rate of infection surge.

The additional 83k plus new cases took the national total to 8,449,231 cases — a 5.5% uptick than the previous seven-day average, The COVID Tracking Project says, which gathers data from local healthcare centers.

Reported new cases in the last few days were averaging between 48k to 78k new cases. The US has the world’s highest caseload of any other nation in the world.

“The next few months are going to be very tough and some countries are on a dangerous track,” WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told speaking to reporters. He was referring to the upcoming Northern hemisphere winters.

Over the last seven days, the US has recorded 441,541 new infections — the highest seven-day spike since the end of July when the cases were at a peak.

The data also reflects a considerable spike in the number of deaths in the last six-days timeframe. But thanks to the improved patient-care, the daily average is still lower than the August peak at 2k deaths a day.

Hospitalization also increased in the past two days. The number of people currently hospitalized rose from 41,010 on October 22 to 41,485 hospitalized on October 23, the data showed. October 24 data is yet to become available.

This translates to 15,005 (8,237 in ICU) people hospitalized on October 23 for severe COVID-19, a sharp uptick from 2,571 people of the day before, the data reflected.

America is heading toward a crucial juncture in recent history as the current US President, Trump, faces polls in this unprecedented time.

Trump tested COVID-19 positive earlier this month but has remained fit enough to continue his campaign days after hospitalization, including flouting social distancing norms and mask-wearing.

The last time any American President faced a pandemic whilst in office was Woodrow Wilson when the world was battered by the 1918 Spanish flu. The devastating pandemic killed 675,000 Americans with over an estimated 100 million people globally.

Democrat Joe Biden and Trump debated just recently in the last Presidential debate before the November 3 elections. Trump apparently downplayed the virus and said the nation was rounding off the effects of the pandemic, which is factually far from the truth.

Biden on the other hand championed scientific protocols like social distancing and mask-wearing as imperative and a matter of ‘patriotic pride’ that people must follow to veer off the virus.

Two major vaccines are currently in critical stage clinical trials in the US — one by Johnson & Johnson and the other by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

Both the vaccine trials were paused briefly earlier this month after volunteers in respective trials mysteriously fell ill. However, the FDA has now given a green light and the trials have begun again.

As per WHO, over 44 COVID-19 vaccines are currently under-development around the world. AstraZeneca’s vaccine is considered one of the world’s most promising.

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