Palmerston the ‘Chief Mouser’ retires as UK’s top diplomatic cat

Palmerston the 'Chief Mouser' retires as UK's top diplomatic cat - We The World Magazine

After four years of arduous and diligent service at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK, ‘Chief Mouser’ Palmerston took a dignified adieu from office as the nation’s top diplomatic cat.

“I’ve found life away from the front line more relaxed, quieter and easier,” the cat wrote in a letter signed off with two paw prints, to Simon McDonald, the office’s permanent under-secretary, explaining how he wanted to “spend more time relaxing away from the limelight.”

Palmerston arrived at the office in 2016 as a rescued cat, the Associated Press reports and was named after the longest-serving British Foreign Secretary, Lord Palmerston.

Palmerston the ‘Chief Mouser’ retires as UK’s top diplomatic cat (Image courtesy of @DiploMog via Twitter)

The letter from the cat was uploaded on its official Twitter account @DiploMog where it has 111k followers.

In the letter, Palmerston said of course he loved the hustle and bustle of the office, and “will miss hearing the footsteps of an ambassador and sprinting to my hideout to see who is it” nonetheless, he has found solace as a common countryside cat.

Palmerston acknowledged in the letter how his signature move, where he would pretend to be asleep while overhearing all the foreign dignitaries’ conversation will be a ‘major loss’ for their ‘intelligence gathering.’

“But as I grow older, I must take a step back from diplomatic duties and enjoy some me-time,” he wrote in the letter, adding that “even those with four legs and fur have an important part to play in the U.K.’s global effort.”

Palmerston the ‘Chief Mouser’ retires as UK’s top diplomatic cat (Image courtesy of @DiploMog via Twitter)

“I have been delighted to meet representatives from all over the world, and I hope I have done you proud in putting the U.K.’s best foot or paw forward in such interaction,” the letter said.

Menna Rawlings, DG for Economics and Global Issues at Foreign Office said will miss him and thanked him for the memories. “We’ll all miss him paw-fully, but wish him a purr-fect retirement,” the UK Foreign office wrote in the official twitter account.

“Although I am ending my formal role here, I’ll always be an ambassador for the UK and the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development office,” the former Chief Mouser wrote before signing off the letter.

(Cover image courtesy of @DiploMog via Twitter)