Pakistan: Bomb blast in seminary kills 7 children, injures 70

Pakistan: Bomb blast in seminary kills 7 children, injures 70 - We The World
Visuals of the aftermath of the blast that took place inside the learning center (Image courtesy of Mansoor Ali Khan via Twitter)

A huge explosion went ripping through an active seminary in Pakistan, instantly taking the lives of 7 children and wounding at least 70, multiple media reports confirm.

The bomb blast happened in an Islamic seminary, in the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday morning when the cleric was delivering a lecture about the teachings of Islam.

Initial visuals on social media confirm the blast happened inside the madrassa, which means the effects were more fatal. Images show destroyed interiors of the center.

Reportedly nearly 500 students were present on the main hall of the madrassa when the explosion happened. No one has so far claimed responsibility of the attack.

As soon as the blast went off, relatives rushed in to check on their people who were studying before the bomb exploded. Relative gathered in front of the Lady Reading Hospital where wounded were bought and 7 dead were pronounced.

As per local authorities, a bag was left near the religious center of learning which went off in minutes, Associated Press reports. Several wounded are in critical condition and authorities fear a climbing death toll.

One student who survived the attack and is wounded told AP from the hospital bed that when the blast went off the teacher was explaining verses from the Koran, and they suddenly heard a deafening sound.

After it subsided all he could see was bloodies bodies and cries for help!

Seven pupils were declared dead on-arrival, while many others are in critical condition, including the madrasa teachers and staff.

This is the latest round of terror attacks coming from one of the third-world Muslim-majority countries after similar incidents happened in neighboring Afghanistan.

The area — Peshawar, which is the provincial capital of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has witnessed a surge in such attacks in recent time, killing people in numbers.

The Peshwar blast comes shortly after the Pak intelligence warned of militant attacks on public places like mosques and centers of learning across Pakistan and Peshwa.

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