Sweden’s Oatly switches to electric trucks from Einride to deliver its vegan offerings

Sweden’s Oatly Switches To Electric Trucks From Einride To Deliver Its Vegan Offerings
Image courtesy of Einride

Now, your glass of sustainably-driven vegan milk from Oatly will arrive in an ahead-of-time fleet of an electric vehicle designed and developed by Einride – a Swedish sustainable freight technology company.

Oatly, the makers of the ‘original oat drink’ is reportedly partnering with Einride to make all its commercial transportation within Sweden sustainable via the automaker’s all-electric fleet. Oatly becomes one of the first brands in the world to achieve this milestone of all-electric shipment in a specific market.

The collaboration between the two sustainability-minded companies was announced earlier this month. Oatly is a leading producer of oat milk, that is very popular among the plant-based community. Oat milk’s taste, texture closely resembles dairy milk.

Image courtesy of Einride

Einride produces and develops fright mobility technology that is not only environment-friendly but also highly intelligent. The tie-up will allow the vegan milk maker to transport its oat-based products from the facilities to intermediate markets in Sweden.

According to the official statement, Einride’s futuristic vehicles and tech-driven ‘Einride Freight Mobility Platform’ will allow the plant-based food producer to track, monitor and observe shipment in real-time while keeping a tab on the distance driven and associated emissions.

The two companies are reportedly cooking plans to make the routes fully-automatic using Einride’s newest breakthrough vehicles called Pods, that can be remote-controlled. Einride will allow Oatly to reduce carbon footprint by 87% in affected routes, specifically 107.5 tonnes/year per truck by replacing diesel fleet.

Oatly adds more sustainability to its already sustainable approach

The rollout of the operation is scheduled to start from Q4 this year. Speaking to Forbes, the CEO and Founder of Einride told the company seeks for a wider rollout of the fleets in the US and Europe.

“Sustainability is at the core of everything we do and we are committed to driving change across the food industry through embracing new sustainable solutions in every area of our business,” Oatly’s supply chain director Simon Broadbent says in a statement.

Oatly is a leading vegan milk brand
Image courtesy of Oatly via Twitter

“Electrical transportation is a key part of our Supply Chain strategy globally and on these routes, we will be reducing our carbon footprint by 87 per cent. So naturally, we are super-excited at exploring this new opportunity with Einride,” he adds.



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The CEO & founder of Einride, Robert Falck says nearly 7 percent of the world’s CO2 emissions come from road freight. “Road freight transport as it currently exists is a system that drastically needs to change,” he says.

Oatly, founded in the 1990s is an outcome of Swedish research from Lund University. The company uses patented enzyme technology – that copies nature’s process – to turn the fiber-rich oats into delicious liquid products “perfectly designed for humans.”

About Einride

Einride is a pioneer automatic and all-electric freight transportation maker. The company’s recent vehicles called Pods are self-driven alongside powered by electric.

Operators can sit at the comfort of their house and can drive the vehicle using the remote control. Einride is the “world’s first company to operate an autonomous, all-electric freight vehicle on a commercial route on a public road.”

(Cover image courtesy of Einride)