North Korea coronavirus: emergency after first-ever COVID case since the pandemic

North Korea on emergency after it declares first-ever COVID case since the pandemic - We The World Magazine

North Korean leader – Kim Jong-un declares a state of emergency after a person allegedly with COVID-19 crossed the border from South Korea and entered the country illegally, state media has said.

According to multiple media reports, the secretive country is claiming this to be their first-ever coronavirus case since the novel virus was declared as a pandemic back in March, however, analysts refuted the claim.

The authoritarian leader reportedly commenced an emergency meeting with his top officials on Sunday in response to what he calls a “critical situation in which the vicious virus could be said to have entered the country”, according to local media, the Guardian reports.

The alleged person, according to the state media, went to the South three years back and returned with COVID-19 after illegally crossing the borders. However, South Korea did not report any illegal crossing from the alleged border.

The state news agency called KCNA reported that Mr. Kim has also lodged an investigation to trace the virus and uncover how one could possibly trespass the nation’s heavily fortified frontiers alongside declaring severe punishment to the guilty, the BBC reports.

The state media said it was not confirmed if the person had COVID 19 but an “uncertain result was made from several medical checkups of the secretion of that person’s upper respiratory organ and blood.” Officials have quarantined the man and have started tracing contacts.

Analysts are to the opinion that the nation is taking passive step in urging for help, since it has till date not announced a single COVID-19 cases.

“It’s an ice-breaking moment for North Korea to admit a case. It could be reaching out to the world for help. Perhaps for humanitarian assistance,” professor at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Choo Jae-woo told the Guardian.