‘No silver bullet at the moment,’ WHO warns about COVID-19, adding ‘there might never be’

'No silver bullet at the moment,' WHO warns about COVID-19, adding 'there might never be' - We The World Magazine

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the world, and people anticipating the launch of the first jab-ready vaccine, the World Health Organization has warned there is no ‘silver bullet’ at the moment and has urged everyone to ‘do it all.’

At a Geneva press briefing on Monday, the global public health body sounded anxious as Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged the world to ‘do it all’ it takes to stop the spread of the virus.

So far, more than 18 million people have been infected with the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan last year, as per Johns Hopkins tally. Over 180 countries/ territories have been stuck by the pandemic, upending lives, disrupting the economy.

Speaking virtually from the headquarters, Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “A number of vaccines are now in phase three clinical trials and we all hope to have a number of effective vaccines that can help prevent people from infection,” Reuters reports. “However, there’s no silver bullet at the moment – and there might never be.”

More than one hundred vaccine candidates are racing to land on the first COVID-19 vacccine, many of which are in advanced stages of human clinical trials.

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However, experts have earlier raised concern that the crashing anticipation on a vaccine to tackle the virus and resturn to the ‘normal’ might not be as easy as it sounds.

“There are concerns that we may not have a vaccine that may work, or its protection could be for just a few months, not more. But until we finish the clinical trials, we will not know,” said the WHO DG.

Three countries = 50% COVID-19 cases globally

WHO urged countries to make face masks symbol of solidarity and undertake any and all measures that are effective against combating the virus spread including social distancing and practising hygiene protocols.

Majority of the world’s virus caseload are from three countries – the US-Brazil and India. Together these three nations comprise 9,267,513 cases, roughly 50% of the 18,224,253 global caseloads.

WHO emergencies director Dr. Mike Ryan said many countries must ‘reset’ their apprach to contain the virus within national frontiers, and added “The way out is long and requires a sustained commitment,” for countries with high transmission rate like Brazil and India.