No entry for Chinese nationals in around 3k hotels and guest houses in New Delhi


In a sweeping move, the Delhi Hotel and Restaurants Owners Association (DHROA) on Thursday announced that they will bar the entry of Chinese nationals in around 3000 guest houses and hotels under their jurisdiction.

The DHROA is a conglomeration of around 3k budget hotels and guest houses across the National Capital Region and has collectively got 75k rooms.

The new move comes after the India-China relationship started to deteriorate after the Galwan valley border face-off and the association is citing China’s dealing with India as the reason for the decision.

The General Secretary of the association, Mahendra Gupta was quoted as saying: “there is a lot of anger among businessmen and at a time when CAIT has campaigned for a boycott of Chinese goods across the country, the hotel and guest house businessmen of Delhi will take part in it and in view of that, we have decided that from now on no Chinese people will be accommodated in any budget hotel or guesthouse in Delhi.”

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No entry for Chinese nationals in over 3k hotels and guest houses in Delhi

Not too long ago the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) called for a boycott of Chinese goods in the country. Praveen Khandelwal CAIT’s General Secretary welcomed the move by DHROA. He also said that CAIT will now urge a more diverse industry, including hawkers, entrepreneurs, transporters, farmers, and small-scale industries to connect with the movement, according to reports.

Meanwhile, the Chinese state-run media has been churning out articles-after-op-eds arguing that the sharp rise of Indian Nationalism against China will invite India issues. Furthermore, Chinese media has been blaming Indian media for spreading ‘misinformation‘ about the incident and further invoking the public.

Earlier this month over 20 soilders were killed in a bloddy face-off between India and China in the de-facto border crossing the Galwan Valley region in Ladakh. It was the worse since the two nation’s fough the Sino-Indian war in 1975.

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