NewsXi Jinping made China “enemy of the world,” fired...

Xi Jinping made China “enemy of the world,” fired govt. worker says in a rare public outburst


One of China’s veteran Communist Party workers, formerly serving at a top public service school has slammed the Chinese President for tampering with the nations global reputation, in a very rare public outburst from a Chinese govt. servant.

Professor Cai Xia, who has been teaching at the party school since the last 29 years was expelled on Monday after an audio recording of her making critical comments on the Communist Party was leaked online in June, the Guardian first reported.

The Chinese Communist Party cited damage to the country’s reputation and political issues as reasons to expel her, commenting on which Xia told the Guardian, she was “happy to be expelled.”

Revealing more about the current situation of the Chinese Communist Party, the professor said there is no one who can stop China from ‘sliding toward disaster’ since the president’s ‘unchecked powers’ has put the country in a ‘vicious cycle’ of wrong decisions.

She said, ever since her voice in the party was unheard, she decided to quit.

“When no one can oppose him, that means that his power is unlimited,” Xia said about China’s ruling party president Xi Jinping, who she accuses of making China an enemy of the world, and “killing the country.

The Guardian noted, the unprecedented comments coming from a longstanding member at the party will reverberate across the party and the country, where such public criticism from within is very rare and are remarkable for being potentially dangerous for the Chinese ruling regimen.

Cai Xia’s comments come at a time when China’s global standing has received significant criticism from the rest of the world, over discontent and skirmish with the US, India, and Taiwan.

Most notably, the United States has been explicitly critical of China ever since the pandmeic broke in which the former blames China for the global pandemic and other allegations on security issues.

Followed was a major clash with India on the de-facto Galwan valley borders where tens of soldiers in both the sides were killed on a bloody fisticuff.

A string of other events including the South China Sea dispute, the Hongkong bill sanction, and rising tensions between Taiwan and China has got global scrutiny on the Chinese Communist Party.

Cai Xia’s critical statements on China was only published with her permission on Tuesday. She had earlier spoken to the Guardian but urged not to publish her statements since she and her family were receiving threats.

“I have much more freedom now. My speech is free from any constraints. I am responsible only for my own conscience and principles,” she said.

Revealing further, the ex. Chinese govt servant said, many party members want to speak out, but only a few dares, afraid of the dire political retaliation from the party.

She said, Jinping’s “unchecked power” to hold major desitions has to lead to a botched response on the pandemic that originated in China.

Cai Xia holds the Chinese president accountable for the delayed public alert on the outbreak of novel coronavirus, which, on the contrary, Xi Jinping’s party has blamed on Wuhan officials for the delay in reporting.

However, it turns out, weeks after the virus emerged in Wuhan, China sounded the public alarm on January 20th; while a presidential speech published by the Communist Party magazine shows Xi met with officials and instructed virus response on January 7th.

“If he knew on 7 January, why did it take until 20 January to announce the outbreak?” Xia inquires in her statement to the Guardian. As per Xia, the fact people were concealing the news from Jinping ‘is a result of the system.’

The professor said, those who have served the country’s government since the Chinese reform era – when it was left open to the global economy – will know which direction is wrong, and which is right.


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