UK sending vital aid to India fighting Covid: govt

London, United Kingdom: The United Kingdom is sending 'vital medical equipment to India to assist in the war against Covid.

Britain announced on Sunday that it was sending life-saving medical equipment to India, including ventilators and oxygen concentrators, as the south Asian nation grapples with daily Covid-19 infections and deaths at an all-time high.

Following a request from India, London will send more than 600 pieces of equipment to New Delhi to aid in the war against the virus, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson promising the UK will do "whatever it can" to assist.

"We stand side by side with India as a friend and partner during what is a deeply concerning time in the fight against Covid-19," Johnson said in a statement.

"Vital medical equipment, including hundreds of oxygen concentrators and ventilators, is now on its way from the UK to India to support efforts to prevent the tragic loss of life from this terrible virus.

"We will continue to work closely with the Indian government during this difficult time and I'm determined to make sure that the UK does everything it can to support the international community in the global fight against the pandemic."

Johnson was scheduled to visit the nation on Sunday before the crisis erupted. However, the three-day tour has been canceled.

The Foreign Office of the United Kingdom, which is funding the aid, said the first shipment will leave the country on Sunday and arrive in New Delhi in the early hours of Tuesday, with additional shipments following later in the week.

According to the ministry, nine airline container loads of supplies, including 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 non-invasive ventilators, and 20 manual ventilators, will be delivered to the country.

"The UK is working closely with the Government of India to identify further assistance it can provide in the coming days," it added.

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