Two human heads left at Mexican polling stations

Tijuana, Mexico: Authorities stated that two heads and other human remains were left at polling stations in the Mexican border city of Tijuana during Sunday's elections.

Prosecutors in the state of Baja California claimed a guy charged into a polling place an hour after voting began, disrupting the vote while the police were called.

A man left another head and dismembered human remains inside a wooden box next to the vote boxes at another polling station in the same neighborhood a few hours later.

According to the Baja California Prosecutor's Office, further human remains were recovered in bags near a third polling location.

Since the elections began in September, there has been a surge of political violence that has resulted in the deaths of over 90 lawmakers.

It's not the first time Tijuana has seen horrible finds of human remains, which have featured mangled victims hanging from bridges in the past.

Since the government ordered the army to fight drug cartels in 2006, more than 300,000 people have been slain in a wave of violence across Mexico.

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