Gay marriages cause COVID-19, says Scottish politician, sparks outrage

Siliguri, India: A Scottish politician has sparked controversy after alleging that gay marriages are to blame for the coronavirus pandemic.

Tait made the astonishing claim in an interview with the Scottish newspaper The Shetland Times.

LGBTQ rights advocates have labeled Tait an "idiot" and his remarks incoherent.

"His ludicrous idea that COVID-19 is a cause of gay marriage is not only a dangerous conspiracy theory, but it may spread and encourage hatred of gay people and certainly contravenes the Equality Act 2010 (sic)," Kerrie Meyer, founder of, told the Daily Record.

Peter Tait, an independent candidate from Shetland, recently stated that the deadly virus is "probably linked" to marriages between people of the same sex.

Tait said in the interview that his religious beliefs affected his views on same-sex marriages.

 “I’m representing as best I can things that God would want me to represent”, the politician was quoted as saying. 

I'm portraying things that God will like me to portray (sic) as best I can, he told the newspaper.

Tait, a former mussel farmer, announced his intention to run for the Shetland MSP seat against gay marriage, adding, "COVID is probably linked to it (sic)."

She further said: "The Electoral Commission could take measures against Mr. Tait for promoting such a dangerous conspiracy theory and vile comments about gay marriage. In the meantime, he needs to climb back into his primeval hole." 

This is not the first time gay marriage has been blamed for the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already claimed the lives of 28.67 lakh people worldwide.

Patriarch Filaret, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, sparked indignation around the world last March when he referred to same-sex unions as "the cause of the coronavirus."

He tested positive for the virus later that month.

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