Bill Gates spotted in public with wedding ring still on

Kolkata, India: Ever since the Microsoft maverick and tech star Bill Gates shook the world with his divorce announcement with wife Melinda Gates after 27-years of marriage, the Microsoft owner was spotted in public for the first time, wedding ring still on. 

Gates was reportedly seen dining at a Nobu restaurant in New York City the next day after arriving at Newark Airport on Friday, Daily Mail reported.

Gates arrived at Newark Airport in New Jersey on Friday with many travel companions, according to the newspaper, and was photographed dining at Nobu restaurant in New York City the next day with "what appeared to be his daughter Phoebe and her boyfriend, as well as a huge security detail.

As per the report, Gates was "beaming ear to ear sporting an unshaven beard", apparently was still wearing his wedding ring.

Earlier this week, Gates spoke at a virtual global meeting hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce about climate change and the United States' eventual recovery from the COVID-19 epidemic, according to Fox News.

Gates avoided discussing his personal life during the event, he was reportedly observed wearing his wedding ring during his speech.

A tremendous couple, a global philanthropist, Bill and Melinda Gates announced their separation on May 3rd, after 27 years of marriage, saying in a statement that they are unable to flourish together in the next stage of their life.

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