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VIDEO: Fearsome footage captures Hurricane Ida’s monstrous wrath


Kolkata, India: Hurricane Ida battered the northeast US coast earlier this week, which scientists blame the climate change.

Winds as high as 165 (102 miles) kilometers per hour razed New Jersey, Connecticut, and Philadelphia killing dozens.

While social media is awash with footage and images from the aftermath of hurricane Ida’s destruction, this particular Guardian footage shows a fearsome side from the storm’s eye.

A seemingly overcast scene captured by a hidden camera from the porch of a house shows monstrous winds blowing out the entire region to crumbles in the blink of an eye.

Take a look below:

Ida made ashore at Port Fourchon, on the southern coast of Lafourche parish, on Sunday morning. It was the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast and killed over 1,800 people.

One of the most violent hurricanes to hit the United States, Ida inflicted “catastrophic transmission damage” to energy supplier Entergy’s facilities on Sunday night, knocking out electricity in the city.

Hundreds of thousands of homes plunged into darkness, as millions of dollars worth of infrastructural damage were expected.

According to research, the climate crisis is causing more frequent and more powerful hurricanes, as rising ocean temperatures provide storm fuel.