US casino attack: Gunman shot dead after killing two

Washington, United States: Authorities say a gunman opened fire at a casino in the northern US state of Wisconsin on Saturday night, killing two people and seriously injuring another before being shot dead by police.

Police first received a call about a shooting at a restaurant at the Oneida Casino/Radisson Hotel and Conference Center complex near Green Bay, which is owned by the Oneida Nation, at 7:28 p.m., according to police.

"The suspect is deceased, the police have shot the suspect so there's no threat to the public," Lieutenant Kevin Pawlak of the Brown County Sheriff's office told reporters after midnight.

Pawlak said it appeared to be a "targeted event not a random shooting." The intended target was an employee who was not there at the time but the gunman decided to shoot some of their friends or acquaintances, he said.

Pawlak said he didn't know if the shooter worked at the restaurant before, but that "it seems there's some connection that had to do with jobs."

We're all working on it, whether they all worked there or not,” he said.

The FBI was present at the scene to aid in the investigation.

According to Pawlak, the critically injured survivor was airlifted to a Milwaukee hospital.

The casino is linked to the Radisson, a large hotel and conference center operated by the Oneida Nation.

Max Westphal, a gambler, said he was standing outside after being evacuated for a minor problem.


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