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Ranchi: COVID-19 patient dies outside as health minister inspects hospital


Kolkata, India: In a devastating incident exposing the crippling healthcare condition in Ranchi, a COVID-19 patient breathed his last just when the state’s health minister was conducting an inspection in the hospital. 

The Health Minister of the Indian state of Jharkhand, Banna Gupta, was inspecting the hospital where a man in his late sixties, infected with the novel coronavirus was waiting for admission in the health center. 

The patient, identified as Pawan Kumar Gupta, was brought from Hazaribagh in the morning.

He was reportedly bought into the government hospital by his family after they could not secure admission in the city’s private hospital, the family members said. 

But the patient party had to wait for a long time in the scorching heat near the hospital, with no one to attend them and at that time, and the state’s health minister was inspecting the center. 

The man, unfortunately, died while waiting outside, and social media footage of her daughter shouting and wailing went viral on the internet. 

The video showed the bereaved daughter leaving the government hospital with her dead father.

Upon seeing the minister, she confronted him and said, “Mantri ji, doctor-doctor chillate reh gayekoi doctor nahi aaya aadhe ghanta takkhali vote lene ke liye aate hain (Mr. Minister, we cried for half-an-hour looking for a doctor, but no one came; you come only seeking votes).”

“Mantriji, doctor doctor chillate reh gaye koi poochne nahi aaya…yahan ka halat itna kharab hai, yahi mar mar gaye(papa) tadap tadap ke”. In Jharkhand’s capital, a wailing daughter tells the tale of sorry health infrastructure

— Abhishek Angad (@abhishekangad) April 14, 2021


The health minister later said he was shattered to come to know about the circumstances in which the man died. “Any death is unfortunate,” he said.

A negligence probe has been ordered to the Ranchi Civil Sergon over the case and the health minister has demanded punishment for the guilty. 

The incident comes to light as Jharkhand announced 2,366 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, bringing the total to 1,41,750.

The state confirmed 19 deaths, bringing the total number of fatalities to 1,232.

Ranchi has been struck hard by the second outbreak of coronavirus, with 879 out of 943 beds with oxygen support occupied in private and government-run hospitals.

The same has been the case in more or less every region of India. 

In the last three weeks, 144 COVID-19 patients have died from virus-related complications. By Tuesday, the state had 15,343 active coronavirus cases.


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