NewsNorth Korea will shoot at sight anybody who nears...

North Korea will shoot at sight anybody who nears Chinese frontiers


North Korea military will shoot at sight any citizen in the country who approach anywhere within one kilometer (0.6 miles) of the Sino-Korean borders, to check the spread of COVID-19, sources told Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Wednesday.

The latest draconian mandate by the Kim Jong-Un regime is purported to prevent the entry of COVID-19 which the country claims have entered the landlocked area by illegal immigrants after one case surfaced in July.

The macabre law took effect at midnight local time on Thursday, a North Hamgyong province resident told media outlet RFA on the conditions of anonymity over security reasons.

“Police in the city of Hoeryong issued an emergency notice from the Ministry of Social Security, saying they would kill anyone within a kilometer of the North Korea-China border regardless of their reason for being there,” the source told the Asian media.

According to the report, the potential killing spree will continue until the pandemic ends when will be effective across North Korea China borders.

Four provinces of North Korea falls under the Sino-Korean border – North Hamgyong, North Pyongan, Chagang, and Ryanggang, spanning 1,420 km border.

North Korea claimed to remain the only country in the world until the end of July which reported no coronavirus cases, while millions for infected already.

However, when the first supposed case was reported at the end of July, Kim Jong-Un’s regimen claimed the only confirmed case was an important one and entered the nation via an illegal trespasser.

RFA noted, despite the China-Korea border was sealed as soon as the pandemic set in, it nonetheless remained porous. Thanks to the North Korea market economy that heavily depends on smuggled goods.

Several smuggling and illegal border tracing took place since January media reports confirm. At one point, supreme leader Kim Jong-Un even disbanded the military unit entrusted with guarding a trespassed border.

The source speaking to RFA also told North Korea is serious about maintaining its debut screen of being “virus-free” and when the first case was declared the police told the public “the enemy is trying to infiltrate the border by sending the virus across it.”

Life in North Korea can be compared to prison in Western and other parts of the world. People have no other way but to respect the nation’s supreme leader.

Generations after generation of Kim Jong-Un’s ancestors managed to continue with the dictatorship through its apparently impassable propaganda machinery.

It must be noted, North Korea has officially still not reported even one case of covid-19.

According to the report, the dictator is now ensuring there is enough ammunition to the police to carry out the draconian policy in the border.

“They are even saying that no one will be held responsible for shooting deaths that occur within a kilometer of the border area,” the source said.

North Korea’s regional military confirmed the mandate of the supreme leader and the country’s citizens have been made aware.

“Residents must not go within a kilometer of the borderline for the time being, even if their livelihoods are difficult,” the second source told RFA.


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