NewsIndonesia: 96 killed, nearly 70k displaced as flood, quake wreak...

Indonesia: 96 killed, nearly 70k displaced as flood, quake wreak havoc


Jakarta (Indonesia): The death toll from a strong earthquake and floods in the central parts of Indonesia has risen to 96, with nearly 70,000 people forced to flee home and take shelter, the National Disaster Management Agency said Monday.

A total of 81 people were killed after the 6.2-magnitude quake and the 5.9-magnitude aftershock struck West Sulawesi province on Thursday and Friday, and 15 people were reported dead in South Kalimantan province as floods have hit the province since Jan. 14, the agency’s spokesman Raditya Jati said.

Medics battle exhaustion and the risk of Covid-19 as they race to treat scores of people injured by a devastating earthquake on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) January 18, 2021

The quakes have forced about 28,000 people to take shelter in 25 evacuation centers in West Sulawesi province’s city of Mamuju and district of Majene, while the floods caused nearly 40,000 others to take shelter in South Kalimantan province, Jati said.

The number of houses damaged by the quakes rose to 1,150 units in the district, and five school buildings were also destroyed there, he said.

A strong 6.2 magnitude earthquake killed at least ten people, injured hundreds and damaged many buildings in Indonesia’s Sulawesi island. The epicentre of the quake was six kilometers northeast of Majene city

— Reuters (@Reuters) January 15, 2021

The assessment of risks of the quakes in the city and the district was still going on, Jati said.

Fearing the possibility of further spread of COVID-19 among the evacuees, rapid tests will be applied to them and the shelters for the displaced people will be separated from each other, according to the agency’s head Doni Monardo.

LOOK: Mount Semeru looms over the village of Lumajang, East Java on Sunday after an eruption a day before.

Within the last week, Indonesia has seen multiple landslides, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake, and the recent crash of a passenger plane.


— Inquirer (@inquirerdotnet) January 17, 2021

“There will be antigen tests to ensure that the evacuees have not been infected by the COVID-19 virus,” Monardo said. Meanwhile, in South Kalimantan province, the floods have inundated nearly 25,000 houses, jati said.

A 6.2 earthquake hit Indonesia, killing at least 35 people. Hundreds of buildings are damaged and 15,000 people displaced.

The quake flattened a hospital, trapping dozens of patients. More are trapped under other collapsed buildings, rescuers say: “We are racing against time.”

— AJ+ (@ajplus) January 15, 2021

Emergency status has been declared there since Jan. 14 and the risk assessment has been undertaken, he added. The province has been hit by massive floods since Jan. 14 after heavy rains pounded the area, according to the agency.


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