NewsIndiaIndian Muslims invoke community to boycott French products after...

Indian Muslims invoke community to boycott French products after India supports France


The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has appealed to Muslims to boycott French products following Emmanuel Macron’s comments on Islam, which is among a rising upsurge of Indian Muslims against France.

The move comes shortly after the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended support to France in its fight with radical Islamic attacks that happened one after the other in less than a fortnight.

Several Muslim groups have protested in India, joining the religious counterparts in the Gulf world who are leading the ideological battle against France.

In Bhopal, thousands of people gathered to protest against the French president Emmanuel Macron and reports suggest the rally was organized by a local Congress MLA.

People defamed effigies of Emmanuel Macron and chanted anti-france slogans.

Video: Protest against French President Emmanuel Macron in Bhopal, allegedly organised by local congress MLA. As an Indian, I support our great friend France who has always stood with us.

— Lethal Force (@LethalForce133)
October 30, 2020

Similar protests were staged in Mumbai where images of the French President were laid down on the streets to be trampled by vehicals and feet on a busy Mumbai street.

फ्रांस के राष्ट्रपति Macron के फोटो वाले पोस्टर को मुम्बई के भिंडी बाजार में सड़क पर चिपकाकर विरोध किया गया… #FranceBeheading #FranceAttack @deepakdubey_dd

— News24 (@news24tvchannel)
October 29, 2020

Mumbai’s radical Islam group Raza Academy extended support for the hate demonstration on the French President where his effigies were garlanded with shoes — stark conduct of hate and disrespect.

“The disrespect shown by Emmanuel Macron is condemnable and he deserves strict punishment,” said Maulana Abbas Rizvi, News 24 reported on Twitter.

Students of Aligarh Muslim University — notorious for their frequent rallies — protested against the French President and called for a blanket boycott of French products, OpIndia reported.

The wave of Indian Muslims evoking a negative stance against France is a new and noticeable trend after Indian citizens largely displayed support for France on social media.

Shortly after the October 16 attack and the recent Nice attack, #IStandWithFrance was trending on top of Twitter Trends along with other hashtags saying #WellDoneMacron and #MacronTHEHERO.

Otherwise in Bangladesh tens of thousands rallied to call for a boycott of French products and slam the president.

Macron garnered the wrath against him and his country after he said France will not give in to radical Islam and making cartoons to reflect its freedom of expression. Earlier than that, he said Islam is a religion in crisis, which irked the Muslim community.

Turkey’s Erdogan responded strongly called for a boycott and said the French President must get a mental health checkup for his comments on Islam, which further deteriorated the divide France and the Muslim world was already facing.

But all these attacks from India’s Muslim community come at a time when India says it “strongly deplores the personal attacks in unacceptable language on President Emmanuel Macron in violation of the most basic standards of international discourse”.

A number of Muslim countries around the world are presently rallying against France for Emmanuel Macron’s iron stance on defending their freedom of expression and cracking down on radical Islam.

Within a fortnight, another attack in the Southern city of Nice has forced France to raise its national alert to the highest level. Emmanuel Macron has deployed 7000 troops, up from 3000, to protect the nation’s schools and religious institutions.

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