Rahul Gandhi tests Covid-positive

Kolkata, India: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi tested positive for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 on Tuesday, as a massive increase in COVID-19 cases hit India.

Gandhi, Wayanad's MP tweeted that he was experiencing mild symptoms of the virus. Gandhi urged all who had contact with him up until recently to follow all COVID-19 protocols. 

Rahul Gandhi joins a slew of politicians and other public figures who have already gotten the virus. 

Just recently former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, another top Congress leader, was admitted to the hospital yesterday with a high fever.

The 88-year-old was later found to be positive for Covid. He was given two doses of Covaxin and was hospitalized as a "precaution," according to reports.

According to sources close to the Congress MP, Rahul Gandhi is still at home, as his doctor has advised.

He has not met with his mother, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, in the last 12 days, according to reports. According to his aides, he hasn't seen his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in five days as well. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted: "I pray for the good health and quick recovery of Lok Sabha MP Shri Rahul Gandhi."

The Sonia Gandhi-led Congress party slammed the Modi government's recent announcement that reduces the age bar for getting the COVID-19 vaccine to 18-years, while also relaxing the vaccine's deployment that was limited the center. 

Sonia slams center

Following Modi's Monday announcement, vaccine producers will supply 50% of their doses to state governments and the free market.

Private hospitals would be required to obtain their COVID-19 vaccine supplies solely from this quota.

The Congress initially praised the policy but later slammed the same calling it for being inequitable and regressive. 

According to Sonia Gandhi's faction, this was an effort by the Centre to avoid accountability and exacerbate the disparities between states as well as between poor and rich Indians. It also urged the Union government to consider its issues in the spirit of "constructive cooperation."

Gandhi also accused the Modi-led BJP of paving the way to unhealthy price bidding and profiteering by not fixing a price for states at the same rate as it is available to the Union Government.

Earlier on Sunday Rahul Gandhi canceled all of his election rallies in West Bengal citing the Covid spiral, and urged others to do the same.

There are currently 20,31,977 active novel coronavirus cases in India, with 1,31,08,582 patients discharged and 1,80,530 deaths recorded.

Since last week, India has recorded over 200k new cases a day, higher than anywhere else in the world. 

UK health secretary Monday attached India to a "red list" of countries from which most travel to the UK is prohibited due to concerns about a new Covid version. 

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