WATCH: India men caught disposing of Covid-patient's body in river

Kolkata, India: In a shocking video, two men were spotted disposing of a Covid-19 affected dead body into a river in Uttar Pradesh from a bridge, NDTV reported. 

The video, now-viral is horrifying people all around the world and drew the widespread condemnation of local officials, causing the government to launch an investigation into who was to blame.

On May 28, unidentified people driving by the scene in the State's Balrampur District captured the occurrence where the two men were tossing off the body of the patient into the river. 

Reports of COVID-19 dead bodies being disposed of in India's holy river the Ganges made global headlines just recently.

As the nation plunges into a Covid-19 hell, the overwhelming number of deaths has strained the nation's burial and burning infrastructure. 

Experts blame the lack of funds and scope to properly perform the expensive Hindu rituals of cremation as the reason for dead bodies being straying off in the rivers. 

In the video two men are seen lifting a body on the Rapti River bridge in the district in the footage. The PPE-clad man can be seen fiddling with the body, which he appears to be attempting to remove from its body bag.

According to NDTV, the Chief Medical Officer of Balrampur later confirmed that the body was that of a Covid patient whose relatives were attempting to dispose of it in the river.

The relatives have been charged, and the body has been returned to the family.

Following a public outcry, the Indian government instructed various states to prohibit the disposal of dead remains in waterways. To prevent such activities, the federal government instructed states to enhance police along riverbanks.

The dead washed up on the banks of the Ganges River in portions of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh earlier this month, according to media sources. 71 bodies were recovered from the riverbank in Bihar's Buxar district.

Thousands of more bodies have been discovered in the Ganges' sandbanks. The bodies may have floated up during high tide, according to local authorities.

India's healthcare system has been ravaged by the second wave of coronavirus. India had a total of 325,972 deaths and over two million active cases, according to the government Health and Family Welfare Ministry.

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