India logs 131k+ Covid cases in biggest yet single-day spike

Siliguri, India: India on Thursday logged over 131k new coronavirus cases in a span of 24-hours, making the highest jump in daily cases since the pandemic began, for the third consecutive day. 

Meanwhile, over 800 more patients died in the last 24 hours, taking the total number of deaths to 1,67,714. The nationwide covid tally climbed past 13 million cases. 

Until Thursday night, India had recorded 1,30,57,863 cases and 1,67,714 deaths, according to data compiled from state/UT statistics. More than 11.9 million people have recovered.

The Health Ministry had registered 1,29,28,574 COVID-19 cases as of Thursday morning, including 1,66,862 deaths, 9,10,319 active cases, and 1,18,51,393 recoveries.

Maharashtra, India's worst-affected district, has continued to show a high daily positivity rate in coronavirus infections.

The state has 32,29,547 total cases, 57,028 deaths, 26,49,757 recoveries. On Thursday, 56,286 more people tested positive in Maharashtra, with 2,36,815 samples.

India's worst-affected states

Kerala is the second-worst affected state in India with 11,48,947 total cases, 4,728 deaths, 11,10,283 recoveries.

Kerela is followed by Karnataka with 10,40,130 total cases, 12,767 deaths, 9,73,949 recoveries; Andhra Pradesh with 9,15,832 total cases, 7,268 deaths, 8,93,651 recoveries; Tamil Nadu with 9,15,386 total cases, 12,840 deaths, 8,72,415 recoveries; Delhi with 6,98,005 total cases, 11,157 deaths, 6,63,667 recoveries and Uttar Pradesh with 6,54,404 total cases, 9,003 deaths, 6,06,063 recoveries.

Vaccine shortage

On Thursday, vaccination centers in parts of India turned people away, and large parts of the world reportedly ran out of doses just as infections soared at their highest pace since the pandemic started.

According to the Times of India, ten states with a population of more than 700 million people, including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal, have vaccine stocks for just three or four days.

In recent weeks, a second wave has struck India with a vengeance, with a staggering 126,000 new infections in the last 24 hours, more than ten times the peaks seen in February.

Since March 1, approximately 1.8 million new cases have been registered.

Despite the adverse situations, the government is desperate to avert a new lockdown, but many regions have tightened restrictions, with Maharashtra, the current epicenter, expected to enter a weekend shutdown. Tamil Nadu became the new state to impose restrictions on Thursday.

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