India breaks daily record again with 332k cases on Friday

Kolkata, India: Novel coronavirus cases in India breached their own record yet again another time after over 332k new cases were recorded on Friday, the Union Health Ministry data showed.

India reported 3,32,730 new infections and 2,263 new fatalities in the last 24 hours alone. 

According to the Union Health Ministry, India had registered a total of 1,62,63,695 COVID-19 cases as of Friday morning. The death toll now stands at 1,86,920.

Over 2,200 more patients died in the previous 24 hours—the worst day of the year—bringing the total to 1,86,920.

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The eight states that contributed 75 percent of the total number of new cases were Maharashtra, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh.

According to Maharashtra's tally, 67,013 more people tested positive, with a daily positivity rate of 23.8 percent.

The state's total number of cases has now risen to 40,94,840, including 6,99,858 active incidents.

568 more deaths brought the total to 12,583. Over the past week, the districts of Nagpur, Pune, and Mumbai have emerged as areas of concern, with positivity rates of 34 percent, 26.64 percent, and 17.21 percent, respectively.

Kerala -- India's second-worst affected state after Maharashtra --recorded a single-day high of 26,995 new cases, with the daily positivity rate reaching 20%.

The death toll stood at 5,028 after 28 more people were killed. The total number of cases is 13,22,054, including 1,56,226 active cases.

The state government has reportedly called an all-party meeting on April 26 as the COVID-19 situation worsens and vaccine shortages continue.

Karnataka -- home to India's tech hub Bangalore -- recorded 25.8k new cases, according to the Health Ministry.

On Thursday, shocking images from Bidar city emerged, showing COVID-19 patients sleeping on the sidewalk outside BRIMS hospital due to a lack of beds.

The total number of infections in the southern state is 12,47,997, with 1,96,236 active cases. With 123 deaths, the death toll now stands at 13,885.

Meanwhile, for the ninth day in a row, Tamil Nadu recorded the highest single-day increase with 12,652 new COVID-19 instances. The overall caseload has risen to 10,37,711, with 89,428 active cases. With 59 more deaths, the state's death toll now stands at 13,317.

In Andhra Pradesh, the situation was not positive either. The state recorded 10,759 new cases in a single day, the most in a single day since early September of last year.

The total number of cases has reached 9,97,462, with 66,944 cases involving active infections. The state's death toll now stands at 7,541.

On Friday, the Chief Minister will convene a high-level meeting to assess the situation.

Meanwhile, in Delhi, the number of new cases in the last 24-hours saw a slight decrease. Although the same has attributed to a drop in testing. 

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Delhi also had its deadliest day, with 306 more people killed. The death toll has risen to 13,193.

India has reported more than four million infections this month, deflating expectations at the start of the year that the pandemic had peaked.

Because of this misguided conviction, the government relaxed its guard, allowing most activity to resume almost normally, including weddings and the admission of spectators to cricket matches.

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