NewsIndia becomes new COVID-19 epicenter as global-total surpasses 25...

India becomes new COVID-19 epicenter as global-total surpasses 25 million


Global coronavirus cases surpassed 25 million on Sunday after India reported a record number of daily infections at the same time. In just three weeks, the global-total rose by five million – 20 million to 25 million.

The recent records reflect steady growth in the number of cases, principally in three countries, as the global COVID-19 epicenter shifts once again, this time to India, Reuters reports.

India’s single-day tally on Sunday surpassed that of the US-record for the most number of cases in a day from mid-July. After India’s 78k plus addition, the global total now stands at 25,074,751.

The skyrocketing number of new infections has also pushed the fatality rate further. As of now, 840,000 plus deaths have been reported from around the world, of which more than 150k are from the US alone.

However, given the virus incubation period of two weeks, the number of death officially reported is being seen as a lagging indicator by healthcare experts.

Concerns were previously raised on a potential dispute in various healthcare systems around the world in counting COVID-19 deaths versus death from other causes, leading to an inaccurate count.

The total number of coronavirus cases recorded globally has already surpassed the number of severe influenza cases recorded annually. In fact, COVID-19 cases are at least five times the total number of severe influenza recorded yearly, WHO data shows.

India’s COVID national-total is only dwarfed by the US and Brazil, however, the South-Asian country has surpassed the daily record of both the countries.

Push to open

Despite the growing number of cases in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing to reopen the economy and has released the ‘Unlock 4.0’ guidelines on Saturday.

Under the eponymous unlocking, India will allow the underground railway to operate for the first time since March lockdown while throwing open some religious, sports, political, and other congregational activities starting September-mid.

The new guidelines issued by the Indian Union Ministry of Home Affairs also forbid states from imposing lockdowns in the borders and outside containment zones without the Cente’s permission.

States like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana among others are recording a spurt in new infections, federal health ministry data showed.

On the rise

The number of new cases is both on the rise in the US as well as Latin American countries like Brazil, Peru, Colombia that collectively surpass the US caseload.

Although it must be noted, the global growth of new infections has slowed down by 1.2% over August so far, as compared to 7.7% in March when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

Despite an unprecedented situation worldwide, with economies crashing, healthcare systems collapsing, and numerous other effects of a pandemic, the number of people affected by the virus is nowhere close to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic that infected an estimated 500 million people, killing 10% of them.

Despite testing in countries like India has been significantly ramped up, and the US already so far aggressively testing its populations, health experts doubt the actual situation over the official data, which they tip to be much more.


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