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Coronavirus: India crosses 6 million cases


Novel coronavirus caseload in India surpassed 6 million on Monday after another  82,170 new infections showed up from the nation, federal health ministry data showed.

In the 24-hours, 1,039 new death cases were added to the fatality caseload of the virus, taking India’s total to 95,542, the ministry said, which is 1.6% of total cases.

Most of the new cases in the last 24-hours came from the Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, where over 2k -4k cases were recorded.

India became the only nation in the world to surpass the 6 million milestone after the US, with Brazil. the third-worst affected country is at 4.7 million cases as of now.

All total, India viral caseload stands at 60,74,703 cases, of which 9,62,640 case are currently active, while the 5,01,6521 people have been discharged.

India is currently the second-worst hit region in the world with the novel coronavirus after the US which has the most number of cases at 7 million.

Despite India gradually inching close to the US milestone of the virus, what at this point is over 1 million more, the number of infections in India is relatively lower as compared to other countries in the world, given India’s 1.3 billion-plus population.

Experts have however opined India’s number of infections are double the official count.

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