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China, WHO could have saved the world from where it is today: Report


A new report from the House Foreign Affairs Committee – the US foreign affairs watchdog and regulator, says the Chinese Communist Party obliterated vital COVID-19 data from the world, and WHO aided and abated the cause.

A 90-page unpublished report from the US standing committee was obtained by the New York Post ahead of its planned release on Monday.

It paints a grim picture of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for their role in the ongoing pandemic.

As per the report, had both CCP and WHO acted with more transparency and clarity this ongoing pandemic could have been averted and hundreds of thousands of lives saved.

The report points a direct finger on China and says the nation’s ruling party ‘undoubtedly’ covered-up and obfuscated data on the novel disease that emerged in Wuhan, a city in China’s Hubei province.

“It is beyond doubt that the CCP actively engaged in a cover-up designed to obfuscate data, hide relevant public health information, and suppress doctors and journalists who attempted to warn the world,” the report reads, which is authored by Republican members of the committee.

China could have prevented 95% of cases, had it abided by the international law, and proactively reported when the early signs arrived in late 2019, the report said.

“It is highly likely the ongoing pandemic could have been prevented,” if China’s response was prompt, it said, which is the exact opposite of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s claims in recent media statements.

“China has helped save the lives of tens of millions of people around the world with its practical actions, showing China’s sincere desire to build a common future and community for humanity,” Xi said at a ceremony in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing commemorating the nation’s COVID heroes.

Delving further, the report blames the CCP of destroying the ‘forensic evidence’ in the Wuhan wet market where the disease is thought to have originated, as the market was closed and sanitized on Jan 1 on orders.

On Jan 2, Wuhan virologits already knew the full genetic sequencing of the new virus and the fact the virus is highly contagious, but the data was not shared with WHO, as per the report.

WHO turns out, aided and abated the CCP’s normalization and disinformation propaganda, the report alleges, adding WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom should take responsibility “for his detrimental impact on the COVID-19 response and resign.”

WHO officials only acknowledged the information on Jan 4, five days after they got to know in detail about the upcoming contagion and where the world was heading though a Chinese media report shared for the US medical community’s information.

When the 2002 SARS outbreak took place, China at that time as well underplayed and tried to put the crisis under the carpet, as opposed to the duties nations are endowed to by the International Health Regulations.

“From the early stages of the outbreak, the WHO, under Director-General Tedros’ leadership, parroted and upheld as inviolable truth, statements from the CCP,” the report charged.

“An examination of their public statements, including the praise heaped on the CCP’s handling of the pandemic, reveal a disturbing willingness to ignore science and alternative credible sources.”

Numerous other conflicting allegations were raised by the report, which at one point also claimed the WHO officials were privately frustrated at the CCP’s refusal to hand over data of cases and infections when Tedros publicly praised China’s ‘efforts.’

The report quoted WHO’s technical lead from an internal meeting, where Maria Van Kerkhove raised concerns over the ‘minimal information’ available at their disposal. “It’s clearly not enough for you to do proper planning,” she was quoted as saying.

US president Donald Trump has been lodging attacks on China and of late WHO in his own ways over the same allegations made by the report.

Trump charged China’s CCP for blocking the vital virus data from global purview while it should have raised alarms, and called WHO ‘puppet of China,’ for taking the Communist Party’s side.

In June, Trump announced he has formally begun the process of removing the US from the World Health organization, a bold move that could have far-reaching consequences on global public health as the US has been WHO’s biggest fund and one of the oldest member-nations.

A ranking member representative of the report committee, Michael McCaul spoke to the New York Post and said both China and Tedros must be held accountable for the conditions of the world today.

Nonetheless the report said: “we do not believe the withdrawal of the United States or the establishment of a competing international organization is the best path forward,” about the US leaving WHO next year, if not prevented.

“By remaining part of a WHO that is ready for change, the United States can drive forward the necessary reforms of the International Health Regulations and the WHO.”

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