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Boycott China: People throw China-made TV from balcony in Surat as protest


Ever since the ruthless faceoff by Indian soldiers with the Chinese PLA Army on the LAC happened, Indian citizens have been fuming over the death of 20 Indian Jawans who were outnumbered in the attack.

Among the many developments that happened as a result of resistance towards China, people started to call for a boycott on Chinese goods. Major Indian trader’s association has rung the bell as well.

In one such development, video footage shows people protesting on the Galwan Valley incident by pushing out a flatscreen LED television out from the balcony of an apartment, as a boycott to Chinese products. After the TV hits the ground people were seen stamping and kicking it.

Watch the footage captured in Gujrat’s Surat below:

सूरत :
चाइनीज टीवी को तोड़कर लोगो ने किया विरोध।

चीनी चीजे इस्तेमाल नही करने की लोगो से की गई अपील।#BoycottChineseProducts

— Janak Dave (@dave_janak)
June 17, 2020

[Boycott China protest in Surat]

A group of people throws the TV-set, apparently from the second floor of an apartment, and another group of people waiting for the TV to fall can be seen springing on the television set as soon as it hits the ground, striking it with sticks, kicking and jumping on it.

People can be heard chanting Bharat Mata ki Jay. The video has so far been viewed over two million times. And has been retweeted nearly 4k times. Nonetheless, people had given a mixed reaction to the vandalism. Some were quick to point out that breaking a TV need not be a point to protest. See the reaction below:

(When you break Chinese products AFTER purchasing them)

*Le China –

— Prasanta Dutta (@prasantadu07)
June 17, 2020

Aage se mat Lena Chinese … Abhi kyu Tod rahe ho

— Quarantined Engineer 2.0 (@iamkumar001)
June 17, 2020

Aage se mat Lena Chinese … Abhi kyu Tod rahe ho

— Quarantined Engineer 2.0 (@iamkumar001)
June 17, 2020

Kya bevkufi he yaar ye…Jo tum pehle se hi kharid chuke ho use tod ke konsa china ko nuksan hone wala he…Khud ka hi nuksan kar rhe ho

— Ashok (@Ashok1396)
June 17, 2020

After sometime tv owner

— Sandeep Anand (@sandeepaananda)
June 17, 2020

Meanwhile, people came down on the streets of Gujrat capital, Ahmedabad to add their voice on boycott China clarion call. and pay tribute to the Indian army lost in the face-off.

अहमदाबाद :
चीन की हरकतों के खिलाफ विरोध करने लोग आज सड़को पर उतरे।#IndianArmy के जवानो को श्रद्धांजली देने के बाद चीनी चीजों के बॉयकॉट की अपील की गई।#BoycottChineseProducts #IndiaChinaFaceOff

— Janak Dave (@dave_janak)
June 17, 2020

(Cover image courtesy of @dave_janak via Twitter)


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