News“Black Lives Matter” protests take an evolving turn in...

“Black Lives Matter” protests take an evolving turn in the US


“Black Lives Matter” protests touch newer heights in America after Texas joins the movement. Known for its conservative culture, and a historic hotbed for the infamous Ku Klux Klan (KKK), several dozen people in the town of Vidor came down to protest for racial injustices on Saturday.

Texas joining the movement makes George Floyd protest raging across the nation, from Washington to Texas. The particular town used to be a stronghold of the violent white supremacy groups called the Ku Klux Klan and it was called the “Sundown town” because black people were not allowed after dark, Reuters reports.

From then till Saturday, dozens of white and black people in Vidor protested carrying “Black Lives Matter” signs “to come together in love and unity and to bind together under God,” as the organizer of the Vidor protest Maddy Malone tells Texas Monthly.

“My generation is reaching to break the cycle,” the 23-years old protestor from Southern Texas tells, who organized the over 100-people strong protest in the city known for white supremacy.

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The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), established in 1865 was a white supremacy group that was a resistance to the Reconstruction-era Republican politics which sought to establish economic and political equality among Black Americans. By the 1870s the KKK was widespread across the South. The group would resort to an underground campaign of violence and terrorism to intimidate black and white Republicans.

Washington DC encountered the largest Black Lives Matter protest ever in the twelve-day-old movements that began since George Floyd, a black American was pinned by knee on the neck and killed in Minneapolis by a white police officer. Tens of thousands rallied the streets of the American capital from Lincoln’s memorial to White House with “I can’t breathe.” “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands up don’t shoot” signs. A new giant ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural is painted on a Washington street, which so big, it is visible from satellite imagery.


South, East or West America, acorss the nation, or other places in the world where “Black Lives Matter” protests are ongoing, unified by one voice – to end racial injustices and bring about concrete changes in the US criminal justict to combat mistreatment of minorities.

Thousands gather in front of the US Embassy in London for protests (Image courtesy of
@KTHopkins via Twitter)

Several European cities held the “I Can’t Breathe” protests, including thousands gathering on the streets of London and Scotland. Thousands gathered in front of the US Embassy in London. In Bristol protestors knelt for 9 mins- the time it took to kill Floyd, in front of the toppled statue of Edward Colston, before beginning the march.

“Black Lives Matter” protest in Glassgow, Scotland on June 7th (Image courtesy of
@Jrcglasgow via Twitter)

In some states, the National Guard troops had to be deployed to combat violent mobs. However, since Wednesday after the arrest of the four other officers who were at the scene, protests receded a bit. Derek Chauvin, the white officer who killed Floyd was charged with second-degree murder by the Minneapolis prosecutors.

Floyd’s funeral is scheduled to take place on Tuesday in Houston, his hometown before moving on to the Minneapolis area. Major General William Walker, Commander of the D.C National Guard told CNN that they will consider retracting the 4k additional guard troops from 11 US states in the weekend, reflecting to easing tensions.


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