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6G will be so advanced, it will enable us to have our ‘digital twins’ Samsung says


Technology giant and mega smartphone maker Samsung, in a white paper, published Wednesday, said that they’re two years ahead-of-schedule in launching 6G, and has revealed some mind-boggling details about what can be expected from the 6th Generation (6G) of wireless technology.

Samsung’s announcement comes when 5G is still being rolled out around the world. The 5th Generation already promises an exponential leap in terms of download and upload speed over the air, among others, but what 6G is brewing would be a quantum leap so to say.

6G will be so advanced, it will enable us to have our ‘digital twins’ Samsung says

In the white paper titled “The Next Hyperconnected – Connected Experience For All” Samsung has shared some titbits about what can be expected from the next generation mobile wireless tech.

Among the plethora of technology that the current 5G has improved while transiting from 4G, the 6G will continue to further enhance those, including enhanced mobile broadband mong others, while adding news techs.

What to expect?

Highlighting three key wireless services that the tech-giant envisions to uncovers, it has mentioned – truly immersive extended reality (XR), high-fidelity mobile hologram, and digital replica among the cherries on the 6G cake.

Digital twins

“With the help of advanced sensors, AI, and communication technologies, it will be possible to replicate physical entities, including people, devices, objects, systems, and even places, in a virtual world,” Samsung writes in the whitepaper about ‘digital replicas.’

The company further explained that the digital replica of a person will be called ‘digital twin’ and “in a 6G environment, through digital twins, users will be able to explore and monitor the reality in a virtual world, without temporal or spatial constraints,” it said.

“A digital twin could be a representation of a remotely controlled set of sensors and actuators. In this manner, a user’s interaction with a digital twin can result in actions in the physical world.”

Yes, it seems like those Sci-Fi movies about to manifest, but pinch yourself, we might not be far away from it.

Extended Reality (XR)

Another blast of an announcement Samsung made in the white paper is XR. It stands for ‘extended reality,’ and as you can guess it is being developed to outsmart the present Virtual Reality (VR) making a cocktail of AR (Augmented Reality), VR, and MR (Mixed Reality).

High-fidelity mobile hologram

Samsung also noted that 6G will enable high-fidelity mobile hologram as a new form of media. The current 5G infrastructure, even at its peak performance is insufficient to project high-res fancy holograms on displays that demand extremely large volumes of data. There comes 6G with its terabyte per second (Tbps) speeds to enable such rich communications to manifest.

6G will be so advanced, it will enable us to have our ‘digital twins’ Samsung says

Just so you know, a hologram projection on a 6.7-inch smartphone display would need some 0.58 Tbps data, Samsung explans, and the peak speed of 5G is 20 Gbps.


It must be noted, the 6G tech currently under the carpet is brewing some outstanding remote communication possibilities, with the trend of remote work increasingly in line.

In order to enable such mammoth volumes of data over the air, say of instance in case of digital twins or mobile hologram, Samsung says 6G peak speed will be 50-times higher than the current 5G, meaning that it will ouch 1000 Gbps.

But given all these alluring technologies coming on the way, Samsung says the majority of the technology’s benefits will be enjoyed by the machines. The company predicts a world even more interconnected through drones, vehicles, robots, drones, smart sensors, and displays installed at various facilities.

The South Korean smartphone giant has predicted 500 billion connected devices by 2030, which is 59 times more than the expected 8.5 billion world population, 15 years later from today.

“Looking back at the history of wireless communications, technologies have been developed assuming services for humans as the major driving applications,” Samsung says adding “6G technologies have to be developed specifically to connect hundreds of billions of machines taking into account what is required for machines.”

The Independent noted new generation wireless tech is revamped every 10 years, but as per Samsungs claim, 6G will be ready by 2028, as opposed to the chronic schedule of 2030.

Samsung launched its Advanced Communications Research Center last year that pushed 6G development. Sunghyun Choi, lead researcher at Samsung’s 6G Center said: “While 5G commercialization is still in its initial stage, it’s never too early to start preparing for 6G.”

What do you think about 6G? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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