Nepal reopening Mt. Everest tourism amid pandemic

Nepal reopening Mt. Everest tourism amid pandemic - We The World Magazine

Nepal is set to reopen its Himalayan tourism allowing enthusiasts to climb and hike some of the world’s most astounding mountains, including Everest, starting this Autumn, Nepal’s tourism department told media.

According to Reuters, the country will start to sell permits to climb its Himalayan mountains, including Everest, to climbers. Nepal is home to eight of the world’s highest mountain peaks.

The announcement comes at a time when the Himalayan kingdom, like other countries in the world, is battling the novel coronavirus outbreak. However, international flights are off until mid-August.

“We have reopened mountaineering and will issue climbing permits for the autumn season,” Nepal’s tourism department officer Mira Acharya said.

Nepal reopening Mt. Everest tourism amid pandemic

Climbers, according to Acharya, will have to follow the social distancing and other protocols imposed by the Nepalese government to prevent the spread of the virus.

Nepal has so far recorded 19,547 cases of a novel coronavirus, with 52 deaths, as per Worldometers data. 14,248 has already recovered in the nation of about 30 million population.

The kingdom of Nepal is a heavily tourism-dependent industry with its natural assets making the country only place in the world for adventure seekers to experience heights of Himalayan fauna.

All the mountain climbing activities were stunned back in March after the novel coronavirus was declared a pandemic, meaning hundreds of thousands of Sherpas were affected. September to November is the Autumn climbing season in Nepal.