You’ll say this NASA image of an ‘upside-down city’ is Photoshopped. It is NOT

You'll say this NASA image of an 'upside-down city' is Photoshopped. It is NOT - We The World Magazine

Every day NASA reveals the mysterious universe, one picture at a time through their Astronomy Picture of the Day. The image shared on 24th June will drop your jaw a least for a good few seconds, and then you’ll say it is photoshopped.

The jaw-dropping image clicked by Mark Hersch shows an adobe of clouds captured from an airplane that hued in warm sunlight. And in the middle of the image, a bright spot shows a glimpse of some structures, that resemble a city that is upside down and built on a great foundation of clouds.

In actuality, it is not an upside-down city at all. NASA explains that the image of Chicago seems like it is upside down because of the difference in the angle it was captured and the secret of the stunning image is the law of nature.

Image Credit & Copyright: Mark Hersch / You’ll say this NASA image of an ‘upside-down city’ is Photoshopped. It is NOT

Chicago’s reflection onto the nearby Lake Michigan during sunset is projecting the great city as if it is inverted. The perplexing it fascinating image was captured in 2014 by Mark Hersch while his flight was descending on Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Chicago, The United States of America (Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash)

Note the sun is shining both below and above the carpet of clouds. While the sun above is the actual sun, the bright spot below the clouds is a reflection of the great Lake Michigan. NASA challenges you to spot another airplane in the picture which was probably heading to the same airport as Hersch’s, which they warn “is quite a challenge”

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