Mystery seeds from China were planted by Americans despite warning

Mystery seeds from China land in American mailboxes in every state - We The World Magazine

Several recipients of mystery seeds that were delivered nationwide via unsolicited mails, apparently from China, have planted the seeds, some has even grown into saplings, multiple media reports.

At least four cases have come forward from different parts of the America where people have planted the mystery seeds – either unaware the government has warned against planting them or claim to have ordered from Amazon, hence planted.

“I didn’t realize it was a thing until I saw it on the news,” said Tiffany Lowery, of Kentucky, who received seeds and thought they were sent from the planting club she is enrolled into, WBKO News reported. Her’s ended up growing into bright green leafy plants.

In another instance, a person from Arkansas plant the seed ‘just to see what would happen;’ after drizzling the seeds with Miracle Growth – an all-purpose plant-food – “they just started growing like crazy,” Doyle Crenshaw told channel 5News.

In one case, a person planted the seeds months ago, and it has already grown into plants producing large white fruits and orange flowers, the Guardian reports.

All these instances come amid depreciating US-China relationships. Although possibilities of ‘agro-terrorism’ has been ruled out by the US officials.

Last month, the USDA’s department of agriculture released circular warning recipients of seeds that arrived in unsolicited packages with Chinese texts, from not planting them as well as not discarding them casually.

“Unsolicited seeds could be invasive and introduce unknown diseases to local plants, harm livestock or threaten our environment,” Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles told.

“Please hold onto the seeds and packaging, including the mailing label, until someone from your state department of agriculture or APHIS contacts you with further instructions. Do not plant seeds from unknown origins,” USDA said previously.

In the packages that arrived across the nation, it mostly packed seeds of herbs, fruits, ornamental plants and other species with some jewellery in some cases.

Similar mystery seeds were reported from around the world, co-incidentally mostly from the developed countries like the UK with 100 cases, US, Canada, New Zealand and other European nations, according to reports. The packages have sparked biosecurity concerns, the Guardian reports.