WARNING: Museums around the world share their scary collections

Museums Around The World Share Their Scary Collections - We The World Magazine

Virtual tourism has been under the radar for the last few months. After all, people can’t just let go off exploring and seeing the world. Albeit from home, it has remained. But museums around the world have shown in a recent trend on twitter that they have things far from beautiful.

Museums, of many other public places, remain closed for lockdown measures. And while people wait for things to go ‘normal’ virtual tourism, sort of,  took flight. Museum hooping too went virtual.

In fact, Google Art and Culture, a virtual museum-visiting app, partnered with over 2500 museums and galleries around the world, including the famous Amsterdam’s Van Gough Museum and London National Gallery, to showcase a sheer variation of artworks, Fast Company reports.

Museums Around The World Unleash Their Ghoulish Collections

The Museum of the City of New York kicked off a challenge called #MuseumMomentOfZen and that was a great way to find some beautiful artworks from around the world.

Whereas all these are fine, what took the things to different levels freaked many of them is the “World’s Creepiest Exhibit” challenge by the UK-based Yorkshire Museum.

On April 17th the museum shot a tweet reading “MUSEUMS ASSEMBLE! It’s time for #CURATORBATTLE!”  And this kickstarted a whole new dimension of creepiness on twitter, with the world’s most ghoulish objects starting to pile up on twitter feeds with the hashtag. 


Yorkshire Museum put a “3rd/4th century hair bun from the burial of a #Roman lady, still with the jet pins in place…” to kick things off.  Look at it above. 

Have a Look Into What Creepy Could Look Like

The National Museums Scotland responded to Yorkshire Museum’s call with a zombie-ish mermaid, snarling with rotting teeth and worn out eye holes. “Our #CreepiestObject has to be this ‘mermaid’…” the museum wrote, replying with which the Yorkshire museum wore “Okay I’m not sleeping tonight. WHAT ON EARTH IS IT” 


A professor of Contemporary Archeology at Oxford University Dan Hicks shared “Sheep’s heart stuck with pins and nails and strung on a loop of cord.”


The horrendous thing was made in 1911 circa, in South Devon to cast out evil spells.

If these aren’t enough to give a chill down your spine, then this will give you both goosebumps and spine chill- the MOAS Daytona Beach, the primary museum of Central Florida wrote: “We’ll just leave this here… @YorkshireMuseum” and shared the original death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte (okay, now process it). 

The death mask of the leader still remains intact, made two days after the leader passed away on May 7th, 1821. And you can get a creepy-detailed look of him.


Japan’s Nara National Museum shared artwork of a horrible insect with a purpose. The museum describes the artwork as ” the Divine Insect (Shinchū) in a nightmare, take heart! This creature from the Extermination of Evil (Hekija-e) paintings is actually a deity who drives away the demons & spirits that cause plagues. (1/2)”


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The Deutsches Historisches Museum (German History Museum) kicked in with a terrifying-looking plague mask from 1650-1750.

The York Castle Museum gave their ‘STEP ASIDE ALL ENTRY” entry with a weird Victorian era “hand-made models of figures playing cards and of gold miners hauling gold nuggets to the surface.”

There’re many other tweets that are potentially pukish in this challenge in the thread hence we decided not to highlight them here. Nonetheless, you can keep a tab here.

What do you think about this challenge and the plethora of scary stuff in museums around the world? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.