Mumbai girl slammed “Masjid tere baap ki hai kya?” for urging to lower volume of Azan from loudspeakers


A girl in Mumbai faced humiliation by a local mosque community for requesting the authorities to lower the volume of Azaan from the loudspeakers blaring in the neighborhood.

The incident took place in the Mankhurd region of Mumbai came to light when the victim shared the ordeal she went through on a series of tweets.

The woman named Karishma Bhosale went to a nearby mosque with a request to urge the mosque authorities to lower the volume of the loudspeakers used to chant Azaan, which she informs is installed right in front of her windows. However, when she reached the mosque with her plea, a flock of belligerent Muslims intimidated her.

In a subsequent tweet, she shared video footage captured the incident on the spot that shows a number of people gathered with Ms. Bhosale, apparently in a fit of word war with her, for requesting to lower the sound of Azaan blaring through the mosque loudspeakers in the neighborhood.

In another footage shared in a subsequent tweet, her miff with the mosque authorities have evidently escalated, now she is surrounded by even more people, apparently more aggressive, engaged with her in verbal thrashing. By the time police officers can be seen present at the scene trying to pacify the situation.

In yet another footage from the same scene, police can be seen escorting Ms. Bhosale out from the mosque with the people all the while intimidating her. A voice in the background ominously shouts “Masajit tere baap ka hain?” which roughly translates into “Does your father own the mosque?”

MLA asks to leave the residence

The victim also shared a series of WhatsApp chats with Mankhurd MLA who can be seen replying to her in the same tone as the Muslim community which intimidated her for her request to lower the volume of the loudspeakers blaring in front of the window.

The regional MLA, Abu Asin Aazmi reportedly asked her to leave her residence and relocate if she has issues with loud Azan blaring in front of her window.

My dear friends, this is how some traitors of our country inflict war between the hindus and the muslims and other communal riots,” the whatsapp text attributed to the incident read.

Others with the same problem joins her

While loudspeakers are regulated by law, mosques seem to be exempt from it, as Ms. Bhosale is apparently not the only one facing the same issue.

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