Motorola announces One Fusion Plus in India- a promising, super-value device

Motorola announces One Fusion Plus in India- a promising, super-value device

Smartphone lovers are up or a beautiful treat. The American-phone maker just recently announced their much-awaited One Fusion Plus smartphone in India which will be available for purchase shortly.

Motorola One Fusion Plus has already been launched in Europe. Some of the key USP of the mid-range device included a massive 5000 mAH battery, pop-up selfie camera, HDR10 certified edge-to-edge display, and a powerful Snapdragon 730G processor to push the all-rounder package (20% faster and better power efficiency than the previous iteration).

Motorola One Fusion Plus- availability, pricing, and details

As Motorola’s online ritual, the smartphone maker has tied up with India-bred e-Commerce Flipkart, to launch the online-exclusive device. According to the company, the device will be available for orders from 24th June, 12:00 PM sharp.

Motorola announces One Fusion Plus in India- a promising, super-value device
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Speaking about what the device looks like, apparently, Motorola has tried to make the looks stand-out from the recently redundant design language it has been pushing.

The One Fusion Plus will be available in two color variants- Moonlight White and Twilight Blue. The white option certainly looks appealing with the white bezels in the front and sleek looks of the earpiece and sensors, given the sea of black-front devices.

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The rear of the phone will have a pleasant wavy pattern under the glass-like substance. The phone is chunky and Motorola claims it will be comfortable to grip.

You Get?

The smartphone will flaunt an expansive 6.5 inch full-HD+ display with official HDR10 support.

The smartphone obviously will ship with the latest iteration of Android, which is version 10, and all these will be pushed by a significantly powerful (for day-to-day tasks and moderate gaming) Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G eight-core processor with 6GB RAM | 128 GB ROM across all the variants.

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The predecessor, Snapdragon 720 performed fairly well in handling day-to-day life stuff. So we can certainly hope for better, if not way-better performance.

One of the USPs, perhaps the most important, will be the device’s pop-up selfie cam. Motorola joins a bandwagon of devices available in the market with similar camera setup.

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The One Fusion Plus will flaunt a 64 Mega Pixel quad-camera setup in the rear. The front selfie popup will have a 16 MP shooter with ultra-wide imaging capabilities and the company’s eponymous Quad pixel technology that will retain the image sharpness in different lighting conditions.

The device will also feature a ‘high-res’ audio output, meaning the sound from this smartphone will be comparatively better than others in its class, as Motorola puts it.

We The World Magazine verdict

By the looks of the device, the collection of specs, the smartphone is undoubtedly promising. Motorola, despite recently failing to give its legendary user experience, still has a considerably big fan-base. Hopefully, this device delivers a pure experience.

We were especially impressed by the looks. It is chunky, yet has a beautiful flair in it. Plus the Snapdragon 720G is a good processor. And you also get the obvious benefits of a massive battery with Motorola’s proprietary Turbocharging, HDR10 support, fashionable pop-up selfie cam, and latest clutter-free Android Moto style.

Hang on until June 21st, and visit Flipkart for more information. Let us know your thought in the comments below. Would you like more of such technology and consumer electric coverage? Comment below.

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