Monkey flees with blood samples of suspected COVID patients in Meerut

Monkey Flees With Blood Samples Of Suspected Covid Patients In Meerut - We The World Magazine
Photo by Syed Ahmad on Unsplash

A notorious monkey reportedly lifted blood samples of coronavirus of suspected patients from Meerut Medical College in UP, triggering panic of virus spread. A doctor of the college told monkeys in the region are serial offenders.

A lab technician was ferrying a collection of blood samples inside the college province while he was attacked by a monkey which snatched three of them and fled, India Today reports. Samples have been sourced again, but people fear the earlier samples are still with the monkey.

A video has gone viral showing the monkeys trying to eat the samples sitting at a tree branch. The lab technician who filmed the video is now being probed why instead of informing the authority he was filming.

[Bizzare video showing monkey fiddling and trying to eat covid-19 blood samples of suspected patients on the tree.]

The video was submitted to the Chief Superintendent Dr. Dheeraj Balyan and further investigations are under the way.

Fear of spread

However, the incident has sparked panic supposedly of the monkey spreading the disease further in the neighborhood. A Times of India Senior correspondent Ishita Bhatia tweeted that there is nothing to fear about since no cases of monkeys with coronavirus have been found so far, chief veterinary officer Dr. Anil Kansal confirmed.

Speaking about the monkey mischief, Dr. Dheeraj Balyan, superintendent in chief of LLRM Medical College said such incidents are nothing new in the region. This particular case happened a few days ago but came to fore only after the video went viral.

“Monkey menace is nothing new here, however, due to the lockdown the Meerut Municipal Corporation hasn’t been able to send the languor – which kept a check on the monkeys,” Dr. Balyan said.