Minnesota mulls legally mandating face mask in public

Minnesota mulls legally mandating face mask in public - We The World Magazine

Minnesota governor might announce at statewide order to make wearing facemasks in public a legal duty, amid escalating COVID-19 cases across many American states.

According to media outlet Star Tribune, the dramatic exercise of power by the governor could lead Minnesotans to mandatorily wear masks in public places like public buildings and other outdoor places. Government sources have confirmed Star Tribune that the upcoming news conference on Wednesday will be about masks.

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According to the report, wearing face masks in public was suggested by public health experts and the Democratic governor is very close to announce the decision, but he faces opposition from the Republican leaders of the state.

“If we can get 90 to 95% mask compliance over the next four to five weeks, we think the statistical numbers make it so we can maintain and continue to open,” Gov. Tim Walz was quoted as saying in the Tuesday news briefing.

The Minnesota state has so far recorded 47,961 coronavirus cases according to the Minnesota Department of Health. Over a thousand has died o the virus in the state.