Indian Oil gas well leak breaks out in a massive fire in Assam. Kills 2

Indian Oil Gas Well Leak Breaks Out In A Massive Fire In Assam Kills 2 - We The World Magazine
Image courtesy of @SecularSmoker via Twitter

A massive fire has broken out in Baghjan in Tinsukia district of Assam, at an Indian Oil gas well yesterday. The pit has been raging since then and recent update claims two people have died after their bodies were recovered from the site.

Footage emerging from media shows a tall streak of flame burning like full-blown giant stove coming from the earth. According to ANI, National Disaster Responce Team is present on spot, as the gas well continue to burn.

A lot of people commenting on social media claims that the gas has been leaking from sometimes (May 27) until Tuesday it caught the fire. Some people on spot was injured when the flame kicked off from the rig.

According to reports, well-killing experts from Singapore have been flown in and according to the experts, the whole situation will take weeks to bring under control.

Onsite glimpse of the masive fire that broke out in Upper Assam, Tuesday, late evening. (image courtesy of @srinivasiyc via Twitter)

Reports suggest the gas leak has caused grave damage to the natural environment. Leaked gas has been found to have dispositing in layers over the nearby biodiversity like tea gardens.

The surrounding area of the incident site is home to around 6k people within 1.5k radius all of whom have been evacuated and put on relief camps, NDTV reports. Relief of Rs. 30,000 has been announced for each family by Indian Oil.

This is an updating story, and will be upadated as the even unfolds.

(Image courtesy of @SecularSmoker via Twitter)