WATCH: village man from Gujarat makes a panipuri vending machine

WATCH: village man from Gujrat makes a panipuri vending machine - We The World Magazine

Just when you think days cannot get any worse, a panipuri vending machine drops in. If it seemed till now that the pandemic has screeched the happy days of gobbling panipuri away indefinitely, you are up for a surprise.

This vending machine, which looks more-or-less like an ATM, dispenses panipuris instead of cash. In the viral footage, a man demonstrates the machine how it works. Mind you, it is not an assembled piece of creaky-cranky circuits and gears, but a full touchscreen-enabled delight.

The panipuri vending machine has a touch-screen to enter order details and amount (Image courtesy of Janak Dave via Twitter)

Demonstrating how the machine works, he presses the start button, and then the machine urges him to select the amount. He selects and presses the enter button the machine prompts to insert the money. He holds Rs. 20 note in front of an inlet, that resembles the cash outlet in regular ATMs. The machine beeps and slowly drags the note in. Once it is done, the real thing starts.

The panipuri vending machine sucks in the note and then starts to process your order ((Image courtesy of Janak Dave via Twitter)

A glass window slides down exposing a conveyor belt-like pods. Sitting on them comes your panipuris one by one which you have to take and stuff in your mouth.

Hygienically made, untouched by humans, the panipuris arrive on a tiny conveyer belt (Image courtesy of Janak Dave via Twitter)

No one smashed the potatoes, no one cracked the puris, and no fear of cross-contamination; hygienic paani puris are served in minutes.

You lift the panipuris one by one and stuff in your mouth (Image courtesy of Janak Dave via Twitter)

It took full six months belt this machine,” the man says demonstrating the machine. It is still unclear who is behind this excellent concept or when (if) it will roll out in the market. So far, even the idea is making many happy. The product is made in a district of Gujarat called Banaskantha, Bureau Chief of CNN News18 – who shared the video – confirms to a Twitter-user when asked from where is it?

See the technology in action:

People, instantly ask where is this machine? “This is just a superb..,” someone wrote. At the time of writing this post, the video has been watched over seven thousand times.

(Cover image courtesy of Janak Dave via Twitter)

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