VIDEO: Man who was denied petrol got pissed off and released snakes inside the pump office

VIDEO: Man who was denied petrol got pissed off and released snakes inside the pump office - We The World Magazine

Shocking footage released by BRUT India shows a terrifying ordeal taking place at a petrol pump after a pissed-off customer released snakes inside a petrol pump office after he was denied petrol.

According to the media outlet, at around 4 PM at Choudhary petrol pump in Maharashtra, a man arrived with plastic containers, who was looking for petrol. He was turned away, as coronavirus related restrictions did not permit the sale.

Two cameras captured the incident, one from outside the petrol pump office, and the other apparently a CCTV footage captured inside the office.

Through the camera that captured the incident from outside, it can be seen that the man raged out after being denied petrol, picked up the containers, and stormed inside the office to do something. A small crowd had gathered by then, sensing the agitation.

But what he did inside the office will send shivers down the spines of many. He opened the plastic container he’s been carrying and flipped to drop something. He did the same with another container he was carrying. After he was done emptying, he collected the empty containers and walked off.

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The camera inside the cabin captured the horrifying story; the man has released five snakes, two of them deadly cobras, BRUT reports. All these, while the petrol pump owner was present inside the office. The woman kept amazingly calm, stood up from the seat, and walked out, looking for the man who unleashed the snakes.

A snake catcher later arrived at the scene and captured the reptiles back in the plastic jar. A complaint was also filed against the man and the police are after him, according to the report.

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